William Clegg

William Clegg
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Physical Description

5' 8"


180 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


Chief Operations Officer

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William Clegg is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Chief Operations Officer of the USS Relentless.


William is a caucasion male, standing 6'6ins and weighs 180lbs, he has brownish blonde hair with jeweled green eyes, he has a chiseled jaw line and is of average build


William or Will for short, is a cheeky chap who enjoys a good laugh and joke with his mates when he is relaxing, when he is working he is a dedicated professional who has always fount it easy to absorb knowledge, and enjoys working with others when a problem arises, a forthright dedicated man, he is often too involved in his work to notice other people around him.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Will is a team player and a dedicated professional he has a rather large knowledge of science and engineering but not enough for him to work professionally in these capacity, he has always enjoyed flying, ever since he was a teenager and his uncle took him up in a shuttle, he quickly learnt how to pilot it and was award his pilots licence when he was 18, his biggest weakness seems to be his inability to notice people when he is working on a problem

Hobbies & Interests

Will has always been fascinated by other cultures and races and he is always intrested in learning about thier traditions and customs, his hobbies are mainly athletic, basketball, baseball, that type of thing but he also enjoys playing his guitar, although not the best he can scrape together an almost plausable small concert


Father Norman Terrance Clegg
Mother Maria Cordassia Clegg
Brother(s) Tom Clegg, Andrew Clegg
Spouse Susan Clegg
Children Steven Michael Clegg (4 month old baby boy)
Other Family Admiral Jonathon Andrew Clegg (grandfather)


William was born on the 3rd March 2359 to Norman and Maria Clegg, being the oldest of three children he always took on the responsibility of looking after his 2 brothers and being raised in a federation family he often fount himself becoming more military minded always preparing for the worst and attempting to get the best.

At the age of 13 Will had his first taste of flying in a shuttlecraft by his uncle and fount he enjoyed the freedom it provided, there was no strict military procedures to follow and he could take charge of his own bit of freedom, Will fount himself doing better in his classes and fount he was able to understand and absorb more knowledge.

He eventually left school and the first thing he did was go for his pilots licence, much to his grandfathers disapproval, on gaining his licence he enrolled in to the academy and fount he was a natural at Ops studies, he decided to concentrate all his energies into those studies, this lead him down a path even he couldn't have forseen.

He started dating a sophmore by the name of Susan Desai, she was the most beautiful women he had ever met and knew from that moment on she was going to be his and he was going to be hers forever, after a few break-ups, Will eventually decided to propose and her acceptance was the best thing he had ever heard.

6 months later, the couple had a baby boy called Steven, Pete recieved his orders to attend rollcall for assignment, Susan is still on maternity leave and deciding wether to continue

Service Record

2379 - enrolled in starfleet academy 2384- first assignment