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|Posting=[[USS Eagle]]
|Posting=[[USS Eagle]]
|Position=Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
|Position=Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
|Rank={{Lieutenant JG|yellow}}
|Played By=
|Played By=

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Alexandra Mackenzie
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Physical Description








Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Eagle


Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

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Alexandra Ebony Mackenzie is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as the assistant chief security/tactical officer of the Sentinel-class USS Eagle.

Physical Description

Alex has an above average height and weight for a human female. She has Black hair which she keeps tied back behind her head while on duty. Her skin tone is a light coppery colour with several scars over her body, which she received over her career. Her eyes have an almost silver colour to them, but this has been known to change to a yellow from time to time. Alex’s has broad shoulder, muscular arms, and is fairly well endowed.


General Overview

Alex has an outwardly strong personality and can at times be a little withdrawn. She dose tend to loosen up a little around people she has come to know, but until then, she tends to be quiet and a little paranoid around people she doesn’t know. She doesn’t often start a friendship, but when she dose, it tends to be very stable. At times, she can be very forceful with her opinions. This 'habit' has gotten her into trouble more times than she'd care to admit, But she dose know when to stop. When she has set her mind to a task or a line of thought, it tends to be difficult to move her focus.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Alex has greater physical ability than most humans thanks to her personal training. Her hearing and eyesight are also more sensitive than is usual for her race. This comes in useful during a combat situation when the bridge is falling apart around her.

Weaknesses: At times, she can go too far with an argument and often looses her temper. When off duty, she can be very withdrawn at times. She is still trying to deal with the fact that she was forced to leave several officers aboard the USS Newcastle when she escaped. As a result of this, she tries to keep on her toes as much a possible.


To make Commodore by 40

Hobbies & Interests

Pre-Federation Starships, Hand-to-Hand Combat, armed combat and Alien Computer Encryptions


Father: Jacob Mackenzie (MIA)
Mother: Hannah Mackenzie (KIA)
Sister: Ashley, Abby, Lynn


Born on April 14th 2358, Alexandra Ebony Mackenzie comes from a large family that includes a long line of Starfleet Marine Corp soldiers and Officers on her Fathers side. Her father was an enlisted man and she is the oldest of four daughters in the family, followed by her three sisters Ashley, Abby and Lynn. Because of her father's frequent deployments, she helped to raise her sisters and the four siblings were close to each other.

At the age of 18, Alex applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted, much to her father’s dismay. During her time at the Academy, she focused on Combat training and Starship tactical systems as it was her dream to become a Tactical Officer. As a result of this, her grades in her other subjects slipped. Her saving grace was a Female Vulcan Lieutenant named S’Kora. She helped Alex get her grades in her other subjects back up to specks and she even gave Alex her old Uniform for inspiration. During her second year, Alex found that she had an uncanny nack for Computer hacking and encryptions. Although she was offered a special course in Encryption, she turned it down to follow her dream of becoming a Tactical. At the end of her time at the academy, she was the fourth in her class in Starship Tactical Systems. After graduating, Alex was assigned to the Utopia Planitia fleet yards where she served as a security officer for 2 years.

While she was on Utopia Planetia, she contacted the Intelligence Instructor at the Academy and asked if his offer to teach her Encryption and Decryption techniques was still available. After a few months, Alex returned to the Academy and took the Starfleet Intelligence Encryption Course. At the end of the two year course, she was transferring to the Miranda class, USS Hobart.

When she arrived aboard the Hobart, the Captain handed her a PADD with the orders that she was to be given the rank of Ensign and assigned her as Junior Tactical Officer attached to Gamma Shift. During her assignment, her ship was assigned to Starbase 39-Sierra as part of their fleet taskforce to monitor their section of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Over the next two months, she quickly learnt the tactical controls and by the end of that year, she was promoted to Lieutenant JG and given the Tactical Post on Beta shift. During her second year on the Hobart, the ship was attacked, while escorting a supply convoy from Vulcan to Deep Space 6, by Orion Pirates. During the engagement, Alex was forced to take the tactical position when her department head was killed by an explosion. She was able to disable the attacking ships weapons before the Hobart was to badly crippled to move. As a reward for her quick thinking and skill, she was given the post of Assistant Tactical Officer.

At the end of her third year, Alex was transferred to the USS Newcastle, a Galaxy class ship, which was a big change from the much smaller Miranda class she had served on. During her time on the Newcastle, she was assigned as Tactical Officer for Bravo shift. During a patrol of the Neutral Zone, the ship was attacked by two Romulan D’Deridex class warbirds. Despite her best efforts, the ship was disabled and boarded. Before the bridge was taken, Alex was able to wipe the ships computer by using a virus and hide in the Jefferies tubes. The Romulans, Frustrated by this, sealed the surviving crew in the cargo bay.

After contacting their superiors, The Romulans set a course for Romulan Space, taking the USS Newcastle in toe. After a few hours of crawling through Jefferies tubes, Alex was able to find her way to the Officers Cargo bay where the crew were being held and meet up with the ships XO. After a long discussion, they decided to use the ships engines to move closer to the Romulan Warbird, than use the ships autodestruct to destroy both ships. After a while, Alex managed to disable the security around the cargo bay and, along with several other officers, managed to retake engineering, but after they had, Alex found that the Romulans had placed and encryption lock on the ship controls. After almost an hour of work, Alex was able to break the Encryption and reactivate the engines and the autodestruct subsystem. After the autodestruct was active, the surviving Officers made a run for the Shuttle bay and escaped on a shuttle. After almost a week adrift from damage incurred by the detonation of both ships, they were recovered by Starship USS Venture.

Having sustained several injuries, Alex was sent to the hospital ship USS Back for recovery. After she was back on her feet, she was taken to the closest Starbase for debriefing and a general inquiry regarding the loss of the USS Newcastle. The board of inquiry decided by a four to three vote that she was justified in her actions and released her without any further action. After the hearing had concluded, Alex was assigned to the USS Eagle, as their Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer.

Service Record

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