Alexandra Vance

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Alexandra Vance is a 24th Century Starfleet Officer, she served as the Commanding Officer of the USS Niagara. She currently holds the rank of Commander.

Appearance & Personality

Physical Appearance

Alexandra is extremely fit as she often exercises while off duty. She has long brown hair that touches the small of her back, her left eye; brown to match whilst her right eye appears cyan resulting from an occular implant embedded into her by the Borg. She has scars all down her back as a result of lashings while she was being held in a Cardassian prison.

General Personality

Alexandra is self-sufficient, independent and confident in her abilities always looking to expand her horizons. However she exuberates a "cold" martinet-like attitude which at first can frighten most around her. Those serving with her for very short terms have coined her "The Ice Queen" however those close to her share a deeper bond and undying loyalty. Alexandra takes a great deal of time to truly trust another and form bonds seeing the need to really understand whom she is dealing with. Although her words may sometimes come down as harsh, she may infact respect the individual she is speaking to simply as her leadership style is unorthodox and what some would refer to as a type of reverse psychology.

Those who truly know Alexandra know that deep beyond the "damaged" soul, there is a caring almost maternal leader whose true loyalties lay with her family vice the mission.

Strengths & Weaknesses


-Confident -Self Sufficient


-Can be quite independent when stifled -At times her emotions can get the best of her.


Alexandra has always been known to set a high standard for others setting strict regulations and adherence to protocol which has in the past to part in earning her the nickname "The Ice Queen". Her standards she sets for others also are set upon herself as she is always trying to reach the peak of her potential and does not commit herself to one specific end state.

Hobbies & Interests

Exercise, Theatre, Reading (Mysteries), Guitar.


Father: Jethro Vance

Mother: Kimberly Vance


Alexandra at age 5

Alexandra was born on August 27th 2050 to Jethro and Kimberly Vance. She would be the only child the couple bore and thus would be brought up to be strong, self sufficient and independent. Growing up in the city of Chicago Illinois Alexandra became accustomed to the constant rush of city life. Her parents would often take her to the local shopping venues, the theatre and other site seeing Chicago had to offer. Her father being a fan of the local sports team would take her out to the game when she was not in school. Alexandra also became accustomed to having her parents absent on occasions when business took over. She would spend that time under the care of her babysitter usually reading books or studying. Her caregiver had also taken the time to teach Alexandra basic skills she qould require to be self sufficient such as cooking, making coffee to the same quality as Starbucks, going camping and teaching basic survival skills on her vacations. During her time alone Alexandra would spend her time playing the guitar. She felt the music would calm the soul and was the best medicine for a rough day. To this day she likes to take a moment to herself, relax and play a tune. While in school Alexandra had kept her circle of friends small but trusted them explicitly. She would spend the majority of her time in her studies or with her caregiver but was by no means a loner. When she came of age where she no longer required her caregiver to watch over her she would begin to socialize more with her friends. Despite this she did not alienate the woman she would term as her third parent and the two remained good friends.

Her destiny to Starfleet would begin when she was 18 and heard about the organization from a local recruiting drive. Her willingness to learn and expand her horizons drove her to apply for the Academy.

Alexandra joined Starfleet Academy as an Intelligence Officer. She chose this path as she had a great understanding of how others thought, in the latter years of her adolescence she spent alot of time socializing and observing others and was not easily fooled into trusting someone. For the first year she had mostly immersed herself in her studies as she did not know anyone at the academy. She had a few aquaintances but no one she would call a friend. She would often call home to avoid any "home sickness" or loneliness and was content with her new life. Her grades would shine and her professors saw her as a bright new candidate for starfleet.

Alexandra at age 18 joins Starfleet

In her third and fourth years in Academy she would be given a cadet position aboard the USS Endeavor. There she would observe the intricate operations of the intelligence department and even participated in an away mission. Once again she proved herself an able crewman. Her one final test for herself before graduation was the Kobayashi Maru exam. This test was taken by all who saw themselves as aspiring commanders and Alexandra was no different. She took the exam, and made the decision not to risk her crews well-being and that of starfleet. She explained her actions by simply stating. "The good of the many over the good of the one." a quote from Ambassador Spock.

Her first assignment would be aboard the USS Nimitz as an intelligence officer. Her first assignment would be trying as it would place her and the Nimitz in the height of the Dominion War. The mission was to stop a convoy delivering supplies to the Cardassians. It was believed that these supplies were weapons and personnel aimed at augmenting the war effort. Unfortunately location of the convoy was not known leaving the intelligence department the task of gathering it. During a conflict with a Cardassian Warship the Nimitz was able to capture a Cardassian Officer. Alexandra was tasked with extracting the information from him. Within hours she was able to get all the information they required and the Nimitz along with a federation task force successful stopped the convoy. In addition to stopping the shipments they gathered valuable intel. Both the CIO and the CO saw great potential in her and 3 years later had her transferred and promoted for a new challenge aboard the USS Pathfinder.

Now serving as the Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer. Lieutenant(JG) Vance would take on more responsibility. Even though she was still a relatively new officer she would be required to mentor the new members of her department as well as continue to develop on her own. It was noted by the CIO that Alexandra was a confident individual who was not afraid to try new things and seek out the answers if she did not have them. She saw this as a sign of weakness however her CO and CIO informed her this was a mark of a great leader and not even they had all the answers. Her time on the Pathfinder would be moreso uneventful and allowed her ample time to develop her own skills as well as those she was mentoring. Once again her tour of duty would span 3 years and she would be promoted and reassigned to the USS Horizon.

In her next assignment Alexandra was assigned as the Acting Chief Intelligence Officer. The assignment was originally meant as a short term temporary provision as the ships current Chief Intelligence Officer was on assignment. Her task was to take a small team onto Romulus and investigate and neutralize a rumoured threat to Federation security. The mission proved strenuous and costly as the 3 man team was reduced to only Alexandra and stretched to over a year in duration. Despite the hardships Alexandra was able to neutralize the threat and returned to the Horizon. Upon completion of her assignment she was transferred to the USS Moonraker.

As Chief Intelligence Officer Alexandra now had the sole responsibilty for the well-being of the department in her hands. The Moonraker had no official Asst. Chief and she was forced to appoint one from the staff she had. The Moonraker's primary mission to patrol along the Romulan Neutral Zone for possible threats. Starfleet had presumed that Alexandra's experience with the Romulans would give the Moonraker an edge should a situation arise, they also wished to give her a break as a result of the incidents from her last mission. However during her tour of duty such a situation did not arise and that left Alexandra to find ways to keep her department sharp. She would often conduct training exercises on the holodeck. Her CO felt that Alex's skills were being wasted on a patrol ship and offered her the chance to be reassigned to another vessel. She accepted the proposal and with her CO seeing no reason to halt her career progression in addition to being pleased with the work she had done he promoted her to Lieutenant Commander and she was reassigned to the USS Shadowrunner.

The Shadowrunner was an undermanned vessel suffering from the fleet wide staffing shortages and Alexandra found herself placed as not only the CIO but as the Second Officer as well. The Shadowrunner however would prove a challenge as she was designed for Starfleet's most sensitive missions. This mission would have the crew plunged into Cardassian space to investigate rumours of a dissident Dominion faction looking to re-establish the alliance from years before. Alexandra and her department would be placed in the populus as Cardassians (with the help of some cosmetic reconstruction) to determine the truth behind the rumours. The results of the mission were astonishing as the team did infact uncover the faction and learned of several members within Starfleet aiding the alliance in the conspiracy. The team and Alexandra were commended for their efforts. Starfleet Command took special interest into her success as she completed this year long mission with no guidance or mentoring from outside. Infact her only transmissions were information related to the mission. For displaying excellent judgement and the ability to command without guidance Alexandra was given a promotion to Commander. While awaiting her transport to earth for shoreleave while Starfleet found her a new assignment, she was given a surprise placement as Executive Officer aboard the USS Niagara.

In the first months of her assignment Commander Vance would gain a reputation as an iron maiden as she began to nitpick at even the most mundane regulations claiming the crew of the Niagara had become complacent and relaxed under the command of Rear Admiral Dorin Kilus and that is was her duty to see this eliminated. The crew would meet her martinetism with great opposition causing many conflicts between her and the crew and placing her on Starfleet Command's radar. Her first breakthrough with the crew came during a mission involving an Alien AI ship later coined "The Collector". After the Niagara had become captured by the vessel, Commander Vance and Lieutenant Commander Allwood were forced to fight off a group of raiders attempting to pillage the disabled vessel. The two fought valiantly and were successful in repelling the raiders before Admiral Kilus was able to form a plan with the AI aboard the vessel to allow the crew to escape safely.

Taking Command

In the months following the encounter with The Collector. The USS Niagara was dispatched to Bajor to assist in testing a prototype shuttle. Now Vice Admiral Dorin Kilus volunteered to pilot the new shuttle as an ambassador of both Bajor and the federation against Alexandra's wishes. During the test the Admiral's shuttle experienced a power failure and was subsequently destroyed. Before his death Vice Admiral Dorin Kilus hailed the Niagara and gave Vance command of the Niagara while also promoting her to Captain.

After carrying out a thorough and covert investigation, Alexandra and the crew of the Niagara were able to uncover the coup masterminded by Dorin's greatest enemy one Gul Morat. The USS Niagara along with the S.S Antioch launched a rescue unsanctioned by Starfleet saving the captured Admiral Kilus. Even though the Admiral was safely returned Starfleet assigned Dorin Kilus to Starbase 226 leaving Vance as Commanding Officer but not before demoting her back to Commander for negligence in her duties resulting in extensive damage to the Niagara and putting the Excalibur Class into refit for long term repairs.

Following this mission the Excalibur Class USS Niagara-A was placed into long term repairs as the damage caused by the rogue mission carried out by Lieutenant(JG) Gibbs and Commander Allwood had compromised the ship's battle fitness. As a result Starfleet decided to unveil it's new Vesta-Class Starship with the USS Niagara-B carrying the classes first NCC registry.

In the first shakedown mission of the USS Niagara-B, Commander Vance and crew were assigned to investigate a seemingly harmless anomoly. However this was just a guise for a much deeper plot as a group of aliens used the anomoly to attract foreign vessels in an attempt to gain their technology to be used to save their doomed planet. Vance and crew eventually foiled the plot but not before saving the alien's planet.

Return to Humanity

However starfleet medical and command noticed the missions of the Niagara were beginning to wear down on the crew and as such ordered them to be reassigned. Commander Vance was thus reassigned to the Galaxy-Class USS Calypso to serve as it's executive officer in the hopes Commodore York could return the troubled commander to her former self.

This however was not in the cards as not twenty four hours after her arrival, Alexandra was assimilated by the borg during an away mission on Tiberius IV to rescue the crew of the USS Columbia.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy: 2368-2372

USS Nimitz, Intelligence Officer, Ensign: 2372-2375

USS Pathfinder, Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer, Lt(JG): 2375-2378

USS Horizon, Acting Chief Intelligence Officer, Lt: 2378-2381

USS Moonraker, Chief Intelligence Officer, Lt: 2381-2384

USS Shadowrunner, Chief Intelligence Officer/2XO, Lt.Cmdr: 2384-2387

USS Niagara, Executive Officer, Commander: 2387-2388

USS Niagara, Commanding Officer, Promoted to Captain: 2388

USS Niagara, Commanding Officer, Demoted to Commander: 2388

Transferred to Seventh "Theta" Fleet: 2389