Allie Kerrigan

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Allie Kerrigan
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2352 (37)

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105 lbs.





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Infiltration Specialist

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Allie Elise Kerrigan or "Elise" as she prefers to be called is a 24th century Starfleet Officer serving as an Infiltration Specialist of the Phantom.

Physical Description

Allie is considered to have an above average height for a human or betazoid female with an athletic figure that reflects many years of intense physical training required for her craft in infiltration. Her long red hair spans down to her waist however she usually wears it in a ponytail, this is complimented by a set of emerald green eyes which at one point were the common dark shade akin to Betazoids and a complexion borderlining fair and pale.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Allie exudes a very closed personality displaying very little emotion to others and speaking in a very cold tone that often sends chills into whomever she is speaking to. Her statements are often either brash and lacking compassion, or cryptic leaving the other party to ponder what had been said and why. Kerrigan at times can almost exhibit a Borg like demeanour wasting very little time and performing all tasks with a precise efficiency.

A little known fact about Allie Kerrigan is that her "transformation" in the delta triangle has given her an unquenchable thirst for control. She always feels the need to be in charge of all assets around her. This has also had an affect on her Betazoid telepathic abilities which now exceed the normal standards of a hybrid. Not only can she sense emotions and presences, but to plant ideas into other's minds. This however comes at a cost as the energy required to do so drain's Allie's mind requiring her to seek rest for several hours to recouperate.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Strong Empath with ability to plant thoughts - Planting thoughts requires Allie to recouperate for several hours. + Assertive. + Confident. - Cold/Insensitive. - Lusts for Control. + Natural Leadership


Since Allie's "transformation" in the delta triangle her only ambition was for complete control of everything around her to ascend to great power.

Hobbies & Interests

If Allie is not participating in a mission, she is plotting her next move much like a chess player.


Federation Common


Father: James Kerrigan
Mother: Kestra Kerrigan


Allie Kerrigan was born on July 27th, 2357 in San Fransisco California to James and Kestra Kerrigan. Allie inherited a great deal of her mother's betazoid traits including the trademark dark eyes, and as would later be discovered empathic abilities. However her hair color would be an anomaly as neither parent had red hair and her genes would found to be more predominately Betazoid versus her father's human genes. As she developed Allie displayed a light-hearted, free spirited, outgoing and caring personality taking active roles in community and school activities as well as giving a helping hand at home. Allie would often put others before herself and made quite a few friends. She was also considered extremely loyal, humble and social. Academically Allie excelled in her schooling achieving honors in her classes in addition to receiving valedictorian in her high school. However despite her blossoming social life and hectic workload at school, Allie never forgot her parents and always made time for helping them with daily tasks and family movie nights.

Her comfortable life in San Fransisco would change after her high school years as Starfleet noted her exceptional aptitude and empathic abilities seeing her as a perfect candidate in the covert world of infiltration. Starfleet reached out to Allie offering her a chance to help humanity in a way she normally could not as a simple citizen on earth but instead to travel the galaxy exploring and helping humanity to evolve.

What they forgot to mention, was that she would never return to the home she loved so much and that on the day she left for the academy, it would be the final time she saw her parents.

Her first year in the Academy would begin like any other with her learning about Starfleet's history and taking basic classes such as language, cultures etc. One thing that struck her odd was that her kind outgoing demeanour that had normal gained her many friends seemed to go unnoticed by the other cadets and it seemed as though they tried to distance themselves from her. Although it did worry her she placed on a 'batch of bad apples' and instead focused more on her studies.

In her second year, the reasoning for the distance people put on her was revealed as her mentors would reveal that Allie had been selected for a function far greater than the standard cadet would qualify for. This function would push her harder than a standard student, her training would be more grueling both physically and mentally and would take place in a different location on the outskirts of the academy in a facility below ground. Allie was told her function would be infiltration, a title she was hesistant to accept at first. She was told however, that she would be instrumental in preventing wars before they even started.

Reluctantly she pushed forward.

Her third and fourth years would be a trying test of her physical and mental capabilties. She would be conditioned to become more agile, tactical, calculating and in essense a 'ghost'. She would learn to blend in with her surroundings, become trained in sniper rifles and explosives. She would learn how to focus her empathic abilities on specific targets. In the end, Allie was a well-oiled machine, alert, aware.

Whilst Allie retained her personality, her service to starfleet would require her to suppress it. No longer could Allie be noticed, her life depended on it.

Her years beyond the Academy are highly classified. Reports have her appearing in various sectors of space, but no confirmation of her presence could ever be made. What is known however is that on Stardate: 63359.0 the vessel Allie was on, assigned to locate a cargo freighter lost within the delta triangle said to be carrying 'precious' cargo disappeared in the dangerous expanse.

Three years later the Allie that would emerge from the triangle, was not the same one that went in.

Service Record

2575-2379: Starfleet Academy