Cestus system

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Number of Stars:

One - Class-A

Number of Planets:


Number of Asteroid Belts:

One - Between Cestus III and Cestus IV


Beta Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

Cestus is located very close to the Gorn and Klingon borders
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The Cestus system is a star system located near the Gorn Hegemony territory, in the Beta Quadrant.

The Cestus system was discovered in 2258 by the USS Coronado, a Ranger-class vessel and the predecessor to the well-known Constitution-class line of ships. The Coronado was on a 5-year mission to chart the regions of the Beta Quadrant south of Sol and the Federation Heartlands. The ship spent three weeks in the star system, cataloguing the type and conditions of each of the seven planets, before recommending the third for colonisation, and the fourth for mining operations.

In 2267 the system was the heart of the incident later known as the Cestus III Massacre. The Gorn Hegemony believed the system to be within their territorial claims, and sent a vessel - the Gress'sril under the command of Captain S'slee - to destroy the Federation colony on the planet, exterminating the hundreds of lives that had begun to make a life on the world; Starfleet and civilians alike. The Gorn had made no prior substantiated attempts to mark their claim on the system, nor to colonise any of its worlds.

After the intervention of the Metrons, the Cestus system was ceded to the Federation.

From the 2380s onwards, the system has been the headquarters of the 11th Fleet, making use of the strong infrastructure already in place in the system from the comprehensive construction projects undertaken over the preceding century.


  • Cestus Prime: Class-A light blue star
    • Cestus I: Class-A planet
    • Cestus II: Class-B planet
    • Cestus III: Class-M planet
    • Asteroid Belt
    • Cestus IV: Class-Q planet
    • Cestus V: Class-S planet
    • Cestus VI: Class-I planet
    • Cestus VII: Class-C planet