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Chief Communications Officer
Affiliation: United Earth, Federation
Higher Rank: Executive Officer
Lower Rank: Assistant Chief Communications Officer
Command: Department Head
Known Chief Communications Officers: Hoshi, Enterprise NX-01;
Nyota Uhura, USS Enterprise NCC-1701/NCC-1701-A
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The role of chief communications officer (also known as the comm officer) was a specialised occupation held by senior crewmembers aboard early Starfleet vessels, installations and bases. Comm officers were held responsible for managing all incoming and outgoing transmissions, whether they be visual, audio or text communications. During the 22nd century, a comm officer was required to be a highly skilled linguist; able to quickly translate languages which had not been heard before, and responsible for the continuing development and refinement of the Universal Translator. As the Translator came to be relied upon more, communications officers of the 23rd centuries needed this skill a lot less, though they were required to be able to speak numerous languages in the event that the Translator failed.

Into the 24th century, the standalone position of a chief communications officer was phased out, and absorbed into the newly-formed Operations department, and the duties of the post were frequently carried out by both the operations officers and tactical officers of 24th century starships.