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Chloe Victoria Bishop
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13th April 2130

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Earth Starfleet


Discovery NX-04


Chief Communications Officer

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Ensign Chloe Bishop is a noted Starfleet officer from the 22nd century, best known for her assignment as chief communications officer of the fourth of Starfleet's warp five starships, Discovery, launched in 2155.

Childhood and Civilian Life

Born to Jon and Eileen Bishop, Chloe spent most of her early life around Vancouver, British Columbia. She grew up in the mountains, though not far from the city. She spent a lot of time outside, especially in the winter when she could go skiing or ice skating with her parents. Her younger sister by three years, Emma, was more of the tomboy, but she still occasionally roped Chloe into picking up a hockey stick to play along with her and their dad. But while Emma loved to keep moving, Chloe liked to settle things down. She was the more intellectual of the two, a trait she got from her mother's side.

With the increase of alien life on Earth, mostly Vulcans, Chloe began to be fascinated by their culture She had not met any Vulcans while living in Vancouver, but the idea of learning and understand their language became one of her biggest driving factors. She already knew English and some French, and while in secondary school she took as many foreign language classes as she could. She was very interested in the way different peoples structured their sentences and formed their words, and was intrigued by how those differences factored into their culture. When it was time for her to move on to university, she knew that she wanted to study linguistics. It just so happened that one of the best schools for linguistics was very near San Francisco.

In the fall of 2148, Chloe entered her first year at Stanford University. Over the course of the next fours years she became immersed in a number of different cultures and languages. With Starfleet Headquarters nearby, it was a perfect opportunity to spend time with off-worlders. Her major soon expanded from linguistics to xenolinguistics, and even worked under a Vulcan professor for some time. Initially Chloe found it difficult to get along with the professor. Her habit of cracking jokes and making sarcastic one-liners often fell flat on her teacher. But she found it to be an incredible learning experience.

Starfleet Career

After graduation in 2152, the importance of having strong linguists around Starfleet was demonstrated by the success of Hoshi Sato and the Enterprise. Starfleet had never been Chloe's end goal when she started school four years ago, but she was always one to keep her options open. After spending a short time back in Canada with her family, Chloe was offered a civilian posting at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. She would eventually learn that she had been recommended for the job by her Vulcan professor. Chloe was delighted by the prospect. As a civilian, she would not be serving on a ship, but she worked in the Headquarters studying languages and cultural information sent back from Starfleet ships, most notably Enterprise and Columbia. As her first year went on, Chloe started to get the itch. She loved studying these peoples from Earth, but she wanted to be in the thick of it. She talked to her supervisors about joining Starfleet as an officer. Since she already had a background in her chosen field, it was decided that she didn't need to take the full course load. Instead, she took on Starfleet training courses, learning about basic starship operation and protocols. She continued her work at Starfleet headquarters during her time in training. Even with a lighter work load during classes, it was still a grueling two years for Chloe. But she was determined to get through it.

She officially completed her training at the end of 2154, and awarded the rank of Ensign. But even as an official Starfleet officer, it would be a few months before she was given her first deep space assignment. But before that, Chloe found herself involved in the preparation for the Coalition of Planets conference in San Francisco. While she was not actively involved in the proceedings, she continued her work at Starfleet headquarters, and was involved in the behind the scenes briefings to prepare the Earth diplomats for what they may be facing. Although her dreams had only really materialized in the last several years, she very nearly saw them taken away from her by the rise of the Terra Prime organization. With the crisis seemingly averted, she started to relax, and again wondered if she would get a deep space assignment. With the Challenger and Discovery nearing completion, Chloe applied for a position on either ship. At first she had been dejected when the position on the NX-03 went to a more experience officer, but she did not have long to sulk. In mid April of 2155, she received word that she had been selected to serve as the communication officer aboard Discovery.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2153 Starfleet Training Command First Year Cadet, Special Program
2154 Starfleet Training Command Second Year Cadet, Special Program
2154-2155 Starfleet Headquarters Xenolinguistics and Cultural Advisor
2155- Discovery NX-04 Chief Communications Officer

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Chief Communications Officer of Discovery NX-04
2155 – Present
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