Danica Johansson

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Danica Johansson
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2353 (35)

Physical Description



102 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets - Starfleet


USS Niagara


Commanding Officer
Task Group Commanding Officer
Assistant Judge Advocate General

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Commander Danica Johansson is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as Commanding Officer of the USS Niagara, Task Group Commanding Officer of Task Group 44-B and Assistant Judge Advocate General within the Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet.

Physical Description

Danica has an athletic build with brown eyes and black hair that falls to her mid back. She tends to take very good care of herself and thus has no visible scarring on her body. It has also been noted that Danica has aged well and is often mistaken for a junior officer by others until they look at her collar insignia.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Danica is a very approachable person who only demands the same respect she gives her peers. She is always confident in any of her decisions, has a great aptitude for engineering and never waivers or cowers in combat.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Confident, assertive, intelligent.

On rare occasions she is known to let her emotions get the better of her but she gets better at self control as time goes on.


Danica strives to one day receive a command of her own.

Hobbies & Interests

When Danica is off-duty she likes to spend alot of her time on the holodeck hiking or camping in the wildness areas of her native land. After her normal shifts she also likes to engage in reading or writing short stories.


Federation Basic


Father: John Johansson
Mother: Anastasia Johansson
Sister(s): Sarah and Anna Johansson


Danica in her youth.

Danica was born on April 8th 2354 to John and Anastasia Johansson in a rural community just outside of Moscow Russia. Having been raised on a farm she was taught the importance of hard work and dedication early. Her father started her off early with simple cleaning chores and would later incorporate her more and more into the overall operation of the farm. Danica's leadership qualities and confident nature would become more apparent with the birth of her sister Sarah. With their father and mother busy with the farm Danica would be left to care for her sister and teach her the lessons of life. She would encourage Sarah to explore the world and often take her for hikes in the nearby forest.

Her first true test to her character came when the two girls were in the woods and were confronted by a wild fox. The animal began to pace ready to attack the girls however Danica stood against it using a nearby branch for a weapon striking the fox scaring it away. When Sarah told her parents the tale they were proud of what she had done.

Unfortunately for them Danica's curiousity and desire to better herself would take her away from the farm and into Starfleet.

18 Year Old Danica joins Starfleet

Danica enrolled in the academy when she was 18 as an engineering cadet. Her instructors would astonished by her aptitude in the field and her marks reflected it. As down to earth as she was, she did not shy away from social gatherings making her not only intelligent but easily approachable. These qualities would be noted by her peers and staff alike and would eventually lead her to the Kobyashi Maru exam in her final year, an exam designed for cadets destined for a command one day.

Danica accepted the challenge knowing the background of the exam convinced she could perform well. During the exam she decided to attempt a rescue despite the results many cadets had suffered because of this decision. Her crew did not waiver as she had their trust and confidence. Unfortunately like all others before her, the ship was destroyed. Following the exam the instructors cautioned her that she had let her emotions get the best of her in her decision to rescue the stranded vessel. However they felt she did admirably by gaining her crews confidence and facing death with honor and integrity. Two very important traits behind every fleet captain.

In 2372 Danica graduated from Starfleet Academy and disembarked for her first assignment as an engineering officer. This assignment would begin aboard the USS Phoenix'. It was noted she immediately adjusted to her new surroundings and quickly became a valued member of the engineering team. In the later term of her posting the chief would entrust her with taking the lead on small repair tasking in order to develop her leadership skills. Four years later Danica would receive a promotion and be sent off to a new vessel.

In 2376 Danica was assigned to the USS Olympus as the assistant chief engineering officer. This assignment would prove to be an important stepping stone and first uphill battle for the confident young officer as she and the chief would sometimes disagree. Danica was used to having to make her own decisions back on the farm while the chief knew it was protocol that he be informed of any major changes. At first this became a barrier between the two but after awhile the chief learned to trust Danica and she learned the importance of protocol and teamwork. 5 Years later Danica would be transferred to a newly commissioned ship to aid their engineering crew as well as their new chief once again as the assistant chief of engineering.

2381 was the launch date for the USS Pathfinder. Danica would have to work hand in hand and long hours with the chief to get the ship in shape for it's new mission. As the chief became burdened with meetings and reports Danica found herself making the decisions in engineering and overseeing these repairs first hand. 3 years after launch the Chief Engineer was transferred to Starfleet Academy as an instructor and Danica was to take his place. Shortly after she would undergo her first test under fire as the Pathfinder was sent on a dangerous mission along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Pathfinder was attacked by an unknown assailant and sustained heavy damage. Under her guidance the engineering crew was able to remain composed and keep the pathfinder in one piece. Her unwavering dedication to the ship earned her a promotion.

Danica leaves the Sovereign for a fresh start.

In 2385 she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and remained on the Sovereign now as the Executive Officer. However the years would be long and arduous years as she was having troubles getting past the death of her former XO and good friend.

In 2387, the Executive Officer position aboard the USS Eagle opened up. With both Starfleet and Captain Anderson looking for an experienced officer to fill the void and Danica's wishes to move forward from the death of her former XO on the Sovereign, she requested a transfer and was subsequently accepted. Her time on the Eagle would be shortened by the sudden retirement of Captain Mark Anderson. She would subsequently be transferred to Starfleet Command while she awaited her next assignment.

Expecting her career to drop in tempo Danica, like many were surprised by the sudden and mysterious reassignment of then Commander Alexandra Vance from the USS Niagara. This void brought attention to Danica who was considered the best candidate to fill the void and sunsequently she was given command of the Niagara. Along with this new assignment came a promotion to Task Group Commanding Officer of Task Group 44-B and assigned as an Assistant Judge Advocate General.

Service Record

2370-2374: Starfleet Academy; Engineering Cadet
2374-2377: USS Phoenix; Engineering Officer, Ensign
2377-2379: USS Olympus; Asst. Chief Engineering Officer; Lieutenant(JG)
2379-2382: USS Pathfinder; Asst. Chief Engineering Officer/Chief Engineering Officer; Lieutenant
2382-2385: USS Sovereign; Chief Engineering Officer, Second Officer/Acting Executive Officer; Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander
2385-2387: USS Sovereign; Executive Officer; Lieutenant Commander
2387-2388: USS Eagle; Executive Officer; Lieutenant Commander
2388-Present: USS Niagara; Commanding Officer, Task Group Commanding Officer 44-B; Commander