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Waking Up
USS Victory

Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2017 @ 6:27pm by Lieutenant Valeria Mordin & Lieutenant Hel Samedi

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Victory Sickbay
Timeline: Post recovery

Her memories were a haze. She remembered boarding the Fearless, taking command of Engineering, then - ... A bright flash. Pain. Flashes of faces, distant muffled yelling, pain, the flicker of a fire. And pain. Part of her didn't know which of those fragmented memories she could trust, which were real and which were just her imagination.

There had been an explosion, she'd been told. She'd been caught in it. Severely injured. Organs punctured. Ribs fractured. Internal bleeding. Concussed falling down, a hairline fracture in her skull from the impact. She tried not to think about that. She tried to focus on one of the faces she remembered. White, with long ears, a cute button nose and blue eyes.

Those eyes .... eyes that drew her in, demanded attention.

It was often said by Ts'usugi philosophers that the amount of time one could sit and wait was equal to the weight of the moment times the importance of being there. When Hel woke to find herself in sickbay, her first visions might be of a light too bright, or a beeping machine too loud, or a gesture that hurt too much. Sitting in the corner, comfortable and dozed off, there was a familiar sight. Soft, in ever sense of the word.

How long she had stayed there, motionless and asleep, was anyone's guess. As Hel roused from her slumber, the rabbitess continued to stay dozed. Her ears were perked, ready for a sound that wasn't a whimper or a groan. Those she had heard for some time.

Consciousness came in flashes similar to memories. Each time a little bit longer. Each time a little bit stronger. The steady and soft beeping of the equipment she was hooked up to helped focus her. As such it didn't take long - mere seconds or maybe a few hours - until she woke up enough to look around, brain trying to figure out where she was.

When she saw the familiar form in the corner though she smiled softly and her heartrate monitor showed a slight increase. "H-hey." Hel quietly croaked, a trembling hand barely lifting from the bed in Valeria's direction.

An ear twitched at the croak, and the rabbitess slowly came to. Returning from wherever it was that dreaming Ts'usugi went to, she arrived in the here and now slowly and almost deliberately. When she saw that Hel had woken up, a soft smile graced her features as she stood and walked over after a stretch that forced a pop from her hip.

"Hey." she replied softly, sitting next to Hel's bed and gently taking her hand. She didn't raise it any higher, simply giving it a warm hand to rest in. "You had us worried." Us, meaning engineering... but mostly her.

To be fair, Hel's brain wasn't quite up to receiving, interpreting and understanding words just yet, that would take a moment still. Black eyes followed the rabbitess' approach and weak fingers tried to curl around Valeria's when her hand was taken. She lay there in silence for a moment, still tubes emerging from her, helping to keep her stable. "I remember your face." she eventually whispered. "In the - ... darkness. You."

Valeria had to resist the urge to tease about Ts'usugi and their lives in shadows. Something for later. Carefully, Valeria stood to move over Hel, and gently... every so gently... press her forehead against Hel's. "The light here is blinding, but it's where I wait for you." she said, soft as a whisper, before moving back to sit down. Contact was important to in Ts'usu culture. Valeria's hand gave a gentle curl, stopping just at the contact so as to not cause Hel even a moment of pain or discomfort.

And she sat, with that smile, and those eyes that reflected nothing. Eyes that gave back nothing. Somewhere, a star was exploding and forming new and vast elements to populate the universe with. Somewhere, a black hole was collapsing and distorting the universe six feet to the left of its previous coordinates. None of that mattered to the Ts'usugi. The scientist in her would wait.

Valeria's place was here.

Hel didn't know the passage of time, as she fell back into just drifting in that black void, accompanied by the steady soft beep of her monitors. Eventually she woke up again, signalling such to Valeria with a soft squeeze of her fingers. "Ship - .. okay?" she asked. "People - ... okay?"

Valeria remained almost exactly where she was when Hel drifted back to the realm. "The ship is out of danger. Her people fine." Valeria said in a whisper as she felt Hel return to the world. She wouldn't trouble Hel with the numbers or the loss of life. Simply knowing that the danger was behind them was enough.

A weight off Hel's shoulders. She deflated with a sigh, then smiled softly. "Good. That is good." She closed her eyes for a few moments, not drifting back into unconsciousness again but just resting, grounding herself, finding her foundation from which she could climb back up once more. "You were there. When I was hurt." Hel opened her eyes again. "And again, now that I'm waking up." a pause. "Thank you."

Valeria gave a soft nod, her hair moved but her ears barely bobbed, "You're welcome. There's no place I'd rather be than here, and there are exactly four things that would pull me from this spot."

"In order. An emergency, the captain summoning me, my father contacting me, or my mother contacting me."

"I'm - ... Fifth. Fifth best. Huh." Hel chuckled at that, a quiet chuckle that she soon regretted. Remembering back to the gesture, the forehead-touch that Valeria gave her a moment ago, she whispered again. "Hey, come closer for a moment? Need to tell you something."

The rabbitess gave a nod, and stood back up to stand over the Engineer. Her ears curled slightly, as though to focus all their attention on Hel as she got closer... and closer... "Hmm?"

At the right moment Hel lifted her head slightly, to press her lips against Valeria's in a soft kiss for a brief moment before resting it back down again. "Ow." she complained, having overestimated her strength and energy for a moment. "Worth it, though."

Valeria blinked, and then gave a smile to the pale humanoid. "Human kisses are so weird." she commented with a soft giggle. "But... I could get used to it."

Lt. Valeria Mordin
Chief Kissy Bunny
USS Victory

Lt Hel Samedi
Chief Bedridden Flirt
USS Victory