Deep Space 19 (USS Endeavour Mission)

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"Deep Space 19"
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June 2388


Deep Space 19

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Arc: Deep Space 19 (2 of 3)
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For the space station of the same name, please see Deep Space 19.

After the Captain's orders to transfer his command temporarily to the newly-designated Deep Space 19, the crew must learn to come to terms with the new alien station they've been ordered to make operational whilst they await their replacements. But surely there are to be a few surprises for them inside?


Information on the events portrayed during this mission are coming soon.

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Background Information

  • The station designated 'Deep Space 19' was designed by Mark Kingsnorth as "Avalon Station". It was re-used as a non-Starfleet station for the purposes of this mission, due to its unique design aesthetics and characteristics.

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