Dewitt Cayne

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Dewitt Cayne
Commander Cayne, 2155
Biographical Information







1st April 2124

Physical Description

6' 2"


175 lbs





Political Information

Earth Starfleet


Discovery NX-04


First Officer & Chief Armoury Officer

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Commander Dewitt Cayne is a noted Starfleet officer from the 22nd century, best known for his assignment as first officer and chief armoury officer of the fourth of Starfleet's warp five starships, Discovery, launched in 2155.


From Luna, Dewitt travelled to a boarding school in Atlanta, Georgia where he began to voraciously study Earth's history with a view to signing up for Starfleet. By age 18, Dewitt’s prodigious hard work had brought him automatic acceptance to the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

Entering Starfleet at the age of 18 brought a number of new challenges to the relatively introverted Cayne. The hustle and bustle of San Francisco and being surrounded by precocious cadets threatened to drive the studious young cadet further into himself.

It was the encouragement of his room-mate Maximilian Frentzen who took him out, showed him the night life and brought it home to the young Cayne that he would have more luck in life if he spent less time with his head in a book and more time talking to people.

Upon finishing the course at the Academy (officially titled 'Starfleet Training Command'), Dewitt immediately gained an assignment as Quartermaster on the Sarajevo-type NV Santa Maria. It was during his three year stint there that he developed from someone who handed out EM-33s into someone who wielded them to devastating effect.

He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2147 and moved to status as relief Armoury Officer where he worked closely alongside the First Officer, Darius Spencer, who also served as the Chief Armoury Officer on the ship. They were both responsible for saving their Captain during an altercation with pirates.

Dewitt Cayne had found himself unassigned after an incident in the Presidio in San Francisco. After witnessing a man being beaten half to death by a gang, he had fired on the group, attempting to stun the perpetrators rather than waiting for the police. It was one of the jurisdictional issues faced by Starfleet personnel on Earth which meant that they were treated like civilians.

This meant that Cayne spent two years bouncing around between backwater assignments, including six months on Jupiter Station with no hope of being assigned to an NX ship or any ship for that matter. That was until he got the call from Starfleet...

Personal Relationships


Dewitt Cayne never enjoyed a happy relationship with his family. His Mother and Father owned their own hydroponic farm on Luna and seemed perfectly content with their lot in life. Dewitt felt differently from a young age.

He developed a close bond with his uncle, one Isaias Cayne who is currently attaché to the United Earth Ministry of the Interior, advising on security matters.


The good old days at the Academy saw Dewitt as something of a philanderer. He had an unfortunate predilection for unavailable women. He made an enemy of one of his instructors, Arnold Gold, after an 'encounter' with his wife.

Since then he has been much more cautious about relationships and put more focus into his work.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2142 Starfleet Training Command First Year Cadet
2143 Starfleet Training Command Second Year Cadet
2144 Starfleet Training Command Third Year Cadet
2145 Starfleet Training Command Fourth Year Cadet
2146-2147 Santa Maria NJ-05 Quartermaster
2147-2149 Santa Maria NJ-05 Armoury Officer
2149 - 2153 Intrepid NV-01 Chief Armoury Officer
2153 - 2155 Earth Undefined Posting
2155 - Discovery NX-04 First Officer & Chief Armoury Officer

Preceded by:
First Officer of Discovery NX-04
Succeeded by:
Leo Carpegiani
Preceded by:
Chief Armoury Officer of Discovery NX-04
Succeeded by:
Tal Sek Thaan