Diligent class

Class Identification
Class: Diligent-class
Role: Corvette
Basic Information
Length: 187.5 m
Width: 103.7 m
Height: 37.2 m
Decks: 8
Projected Hull Life: 80 years
Time Between Resupply: 1 year
Officers: 23
Enlisted: 70
Passengers: 20
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 280
Speed and Propulsion
“Efficient” Cruising Velocity: Warp 7
Maximum “Sustainable” Velocity: Warp 9
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.8 (for 12 hours)
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Launchers:
Defensive Systems
Shielding Systems:
Auxiliary Craft


Additional Craft:
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The Diligent class vessel is a Federation Corvette developed in the late 24th century.

General Overview

Class History

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

Deck Listing

Deck Description
1 Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge, Cargo bay 1, Aft Torpedo Launcher, Primary Sensor Array, Primary Communications Array
2 Senior Officer's Quarters, Ship's Mess and Galley, Officers Lounge, Deuterium Fuel Tanks, Senior Officer's Offices, Gymnasium
3 Transporter Rooms 1, Crew Quarters, Science Labs, Aeroponics, Astrometrics, Computer Core, (Level 2), Upper Shuttlebay, Conference Rooms
4 Computer Core Control Room, Main Shuttlebay, Main Engineering, Crew Quarters, Primary Stores, Warp Coils
5 Transporter Rooms 2 and 3, Medical Bay, Aft Lounge, Navigational Deflector Control, Security Center, Computer Core (Level 1),Deuterium Storage, Deuterium Injection Assembly, Docking Ports
6 Fusion Reactors, Anti-Matter Storage Pods, Cargo bay 2 and 3, Crew Quarters, Antimatter Injection Assembly, Torpedo Storage, Industrial Replicator, Cargo Transporter
7 Forward Pulse Torpedo Launchers, Secondary Stores, Warp Core Ejections Hatch, Waste Processing/Recycling Center
8 Emergency Power Generators, Aft Torpedo Launcher, Tractor Beam Emitters

Starships Commissioned

Diligent-class Starships
USS MaharajaUSS MonarchUSS PharaohUSS SheikhUSS ShogunUSS Vizier

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