Director of Research & Development

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The Director of Research & Development is the head of the fleet's technology division, and an active member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. They are primarily responsible for the review and development of specifications for starships and support craft, and for the initial approval of new design proposals to be referred to the Admiralty.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creating and maintaining the Fleet's Specifications database
  • Reviewing and giving provisional acceptance/rejection of a tech or class proposal, pending confirmation of decision by Pegasus Fleet Admiralty
  • Reviewing and creating deck listings for starship classes based on accurate research
  • Proposing additional starship or starbase classes be added to the Specifications Database, and if approved, creating said class specifications from accurate research
  • Being a member of Pegasus Fleet Admiralty
  • Handing in a Monthly report

Holders of the Office of Director of Research & Development

The current Director of Research & Development is Rear Admiral Anton de Fitenzia

Previous Holders of the Office