George Carlstrom

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George Carlstrom
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Lieutenant George Carlstrom is a Starfleet officer and noted engineer, having had three papers published by the Daystrom Institute on a number of engineering topics, including robotics and advanced warp theory. His most recent assignment was as Chief Engineer of the USS Okinawa, assigned to patrolling regions of the Beta Quadrant.


Born in the African Confederation on Earth, in the region of the former nation of Kenya, in the city of Mombasa to parents Emile and Katerina Carlstrom; both members of Starfleet.

From a very early age, George was a tinkerer. Almost every toy he ever had was dismantled and reassembled more times than his parents could count, and he had a natural affinity for learning about technology; he was the first boy in any of his classes to learn and become comfortably familiar with the operation of many of the school gadgets used by later years, such as the PADD and the school's computer system. By the time he left his first school, just before he entered his teenage years, he had reconfigured his workstation for accessing the school's computer to run more efficiently than any other in the building.

This natural talent, as well as his eidetic memory very naturally guided him towards an interest in the field of engineering during careers days at school, though initially he was unsure of which field of engineering to enter. He applied for, entered and graduated from the Daystrom Institute of Technology after finishing school, but was still uncertain as to whether a full-time position with the Institute's Research division would be the place where he'd want to make a life for himself.

Ultimately, his future was decided upon by two things; primarily, his overt desire for constant challenges he knew could only be fulfilled in space. Second was the fact that the Dominion War had broken out shortly before he had been accepted to the Daystrom Institute's college, and though it was over before he had graduated, he and everyone else on Earth thanks to the recruiters knew that Starfleet was still in serious need of new officers to replace those tragically lost in the quadrant-wide war. Thus, he applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy in the same year that the famous USS Voyager returned home from the Delta Quadrant.

Starfleet Career

George's first assignment out of the Academy was to the USS Intrepid, under the command of chief engineering officer Donald Kaplan, a long-time veteran of the starship, having served aboard for over ten years. Assigned as a general-billet engineer, Carlstrom's assignments varied from day to day, and this work pattern allowed him to gain a sound working knowledge of each of the systems aboard the Intrepid-class prototype on top of his theoretical knowledge from his four Academy years. It wasn't long however until his speciality was noticed, and he was assigned to form part of the dedicated warp systems team, with a promotion to Lieutenant JG.

It was during his time on the Intrepid that he came to the attention of USS Enterprise-E chief engineer Commander Geordi LaForge. Commanders LaForge and Kaplan had engaged in contests between their two engineering departments since the former's time as chief engineer on the Enterprise-D, and had continued the friendly competition following LaForge's transfer to the newer Sovereign-class flagship; a move which made the work of the Intrepid's engineering teams even more difficult whenever Kaplan declared a contest. During one of these contests, it was Carlstrom who made the suggestion and followed it up with an all-night refit of the anti-matter flow regulators and related power systems which won the contest for the Intrepid. Proud of his team's new star member, Kaplan gladly introduced Carlstrom to Geordi upon the elder engineer's request, and the two have continued to write to each other on a semi-regular basis.

George's first real opportunity for advancement came when news of an opening as assistant chief engineer aboard the USS Virgil came to the Intrepid. Knowing that his own assistant wasn't going to be going anywhere soon, Kaplan recommended that George apply for he position, and the Virgil's chief engineer accepted the application upon both Kaplan an LaForge's recommendation.

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Year Placement Rank Assignment
2377 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2378 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2379 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2380 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2381 USS Intrepid
Engineering Officer
2381 - 2383 USS Intrepid
Lieutenant JG
Warp Systems Specialist
2383 - 2385 USS Virgil
Lieutenant JG
Assistant Chief Engineer
2385 - 2389 USS Okinawa
Chief Engineer

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Chief Engineer of USS Shipname
XXXX – Present
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