Intrepid class

Class Identification
Class: Intrepid-class
Category: Explorer
Role: Light Explorer
Status: Active
Date Introduced: 2368
Basic Information
Length: 344.5 m
Width: 132.1 m
Height: 64.4 m
Decks: 15 decks
Projected Hull Life: 75 years
Time Between Resupply: 1-3 years
Time Between Minor Refit: 5 years
Time Between Major Refit: 15 years
Crew Compliment: 150 persons
Officers: 25 persons
Enlisted: 125 persons
Civilian Crew: 15 persons
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 660 persons
Speed and Propulsion
Propulsion Systems: *RCS Thrusters
  • Standard Deuterium-Fusion Impulse Drive
  • Linear Matter/Antimatter Warp Drive (i.e. nacelles)
  • Quantum Slipstream Drive (specialized refit)
“Efficient” Cruising Velocity: Warp 6
Maximum “Sustainable” Velocity: Warp 9.6
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.975 (for 12 hours)
Slipstream Capable: Yes (specialized refit)
Offensive Systems
Energy Weapons:
  • 14 phaser arrays
Torpedo Launchers:
  • 2 forward launcher
  • 2 aft launcher
Payload Types:
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Probes
Defensive Systems
Shielding Systems:
  • Standard Shielding System
Defensive Systems:
  • Ablative Hull Armor
  • Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
  • Structural Integrity Field
Auxiliary Craft
  • 1 shuttlebays
  • 1 integrated docking port
Support Craft:
  • 1 Aerowing-class science craft
  • 8 shuttlecraft
  • 4 maintenance craft
Additional Features:
  • Planetary Landing System
  • Variable Geometry Warp Nacelles
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The Intrepid-class starship was a Federation Starfleet vessel that entered service in the later half of the 24th century. It was designed for long-term exploration missions.


The Intrepid-class was introduced in the early 2370's and was Starfleet's answer to their growing need for a versatile and quick class of starship which would be capable of excellent maneuvering at both impulse and warp speeds. With their variable geometry warp nacelles, the Intrepid had a greater control of their warp field, with the added bonus of not damaging layers of subspace.

As well as being designed to be quick and maneuverable in combat, the Intrepid was primarily designed to perform exploration, survey, and courier missions. The class' advanced sensors made them an excellent exploratory vessel. The Intrepid-class was also one of the first Federation starship classes to be equipped to make a routine planetfall and be able to take off again with ease.

The Intrepid was also equipped with some of the most advanced computer systems of the time, with bio-neural circuitry replacing most of the isolinear circuitry that had been prevalent on previous starship classes. The bio-neural circuitry sped up the computer's data functions and improved overall performance.

Deck Listing

Deck Description
1 Main Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Officer’s Briefing Room, Multi-use offices, Aft Bridge Airlock, and Upper Sensor Platform
2 Officer's Mess, Senior Officers and VIP Quarters, Executive Officer’s Office Labs and Storage, Upper Sensor Platform Subsystems, Captain's Mess
3 Captain's Quarters, Officers' Quarters, and VIP Quarters, Chief Operations Officer's Office, Equipment Storage, Torpedo Loading Maintenance, Testing Isolation Chamber, and Turbolift Maintenance
4 Crew quarters, Transporters Rooms 1-3, Aft Photon Torpedo Launchers, Phaser Maintenance, Forward Sensor Pallet Subsystems
5 Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Counselor's Office, Crew Quarters, Library, Holodecks 1-2, Sensor Gear, Science Labs
6 Crew Quarters, Non-Specific Science Labs, Armory, Security Offices, Chief Security Officer's Office, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Auxiliary Computer Core (upper), Consumables Resupply Connectors, Gym
7 Auxilliary Computer Core (lower), Upper Cargo Bays 1 & 2, Labs, Escape Pod Access, Brig, RCS Thruster Access, Deuterium Tankage, Warp Engine Core Injector Access
8 Astrometrics, Chief Science Officer’s Office, Docking Ports, Lower Cargo Bays 1 & 2, Deuterium Tankage, Aft Work Pod Storage
9 Cargo Loading Doors, Aerowing Shuttle Dock, Labs, Upper Aerowing Shuttle Dock, Main Shuttlebay (upper), Upper Premix Chamber, Flight Control Center, Flight Control Offices
10 Main Shuttlebay, Shuttlebay Storage, Aft EV Access Airlock, Upper Main Computer Core, Main Engineering (upper), Forward Photon Torpedo Launchers, Reserve Warp Engine Core, Main Navigational Deflector
11 Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Aft Lounge, Upper Warp Core Mixing Chamber, Auxiliary Warp Core, Lower Main Computer Core, Main Navigational Deflector
12 Environmental Control, Antimatter Tankage, Main Deflector Control Systems, Lower Warp Core
13 Lower Warp Core, Labs, Maintenance Access
14 Antimatter Processing, Aft Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems, Ground Hover Footpad Systems, Warp Core Ejection Hatch
15 Antimatter Loading Port, Forward Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems, Plasma Relay Control Rooms, Ground Hover Footpads

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