Jack Lynch

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Jack Lynch
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Physical Description

6' 4"


155 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet

Played By:

Kurt Keller

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Ensign Jack Lynch is a Starfleet officer, and helmsman serving in the latter half of the 24th century. The highlight of his career was his assignment as Chief Flight Control Officer of USS Endeavour.


Jack was born John Alexander Lynch Jr. on June 15, 2367 in Los Angeles, California on Earth. His father, John A. Lynch Sr. was killed before Jack was born during Wolf 359 in 2366. Growing up without a father figure in his life was tough for Jack and he often found himself in trouble with the law. Ever since his birth, Jack has been told the horror stories surrounding the Borg, creating a chronic fear of them. An only child, Jack often found himself alone and unsure of himself.

His mother, Kathrine Lynch spent little time at home due to her strenuous work schedule as a Federation diplomat. She always saw so much of her husband in Jack, and pushed him to follow his father into Starfleet. Due to his mother’s absence in much of his early life, Jack never had a relationship with his mother and never speaks of her or his family. He believes that he raised himself, which had breed a great deal of animosity between the two of them.

In 2371, Jack started school. School was difficult for Jack, as he had little human interaction and found himself excluded from the group. Jack hated school and his grades were less than exemplary. He never made any friends in elementary school, which negatively affected his personality. The only solace Jack found in his troubled life was running, he ran whenever he could and become quite good at it. In 2375, the Breen Confederacy attacked [[memoryalpha:Earth|Earth] leveling much of California in the process. Jack was at home in bed at the time. He remembers the event as though it were yesterday. His mother was called away early into the battle, and she once again left Jack alone. This single event was the most traumatic night of the boy’s life. He remembers being alone for at least twelve hours watching the aftermath unfold on the Federation News Service.

At the age of ten in 2376, Jack ran away from home as it never was a home to him. He left Los Angeles and ended up in Vancouver, Canada. The boy planned to start a new life and to live on his own. However he was found by the police and returned to his mother, much to his chagrin.

In 2381, Jack realized that that was all he did in his life was run, running from every problem he ever encountered and he vowed to stand and face whatever came his way. Another one of Jack’s life changing experiences occurred during his freshman year of high school in 2381 when he realized that he was homosexual and came out of the closet. Ever since he was isolated in the schoolyard in elementary school, he always felt different and could never understand why. After this event he was able to come out of his shell and soon become an active and popular member of Maxwell Forrest Memorial High School in Los Angeles.

In high school, Jack joined the track team and was able to spend his free time doing something positive to take his mind off his life. By his junior year of high school, he realized that he wanted to enlist in Starfleet and go to the Academy.

Starfleet Career

After passing the entrance exam he entered the Academy in 2385. Within his first week at the Academy, Jack became close friends with his roommate, Mitchell Hall. Jack and Mitch became the best of friends. Perhaps this was due to their similar backgrounds as Mitch was often isolated as a child due to both of his parents being Starfleet officers. The two exchanged hobbies as Jack forced Mitch to take daily runs with him on the grounds of the academy and Mitch often forced Jack to go deep sea diving. In the summer 2386 when Mitch was away on Qo'noS, Jack took a vacation to Europe. While he was there he met a young German named Peter Bergmann. They met in a small café in downtown Munich, the rain was coming down and Jack ran into the café to escape it where he bumped into Peter. The two hit it off and started a romantic relationship which lasted for a few months. When Jack had to return to the Academy in the fall, the two kept in contact for awhile until their relationship ended.

At the end of his junior year at the Academy, Jack along with Mitch was selected to serve his senior year as an active duty officer on Starbase Pioneer, a partially completed federation starbase located near the badlands. As a measure to complete the starbase on schedule, Captain Hall selected one hundred Starfleet cadets to fill the ranks of station personnel. Just like in the Academy, Mitch and Jack were roommates for the first few months of their service on the station. Jack spent a majority of the first few months operating worker bees for the engineering staff, a far cry from his training on warp capable vessels.

After Mitch was brutally assaulted by Vic Viceroy, the lieutenant of Massimiliano Lombardi, head of the Orion Syndicate in the sector, Jack spent a great deal of time with him in order lift his spirits. Jack knew how it felt to feel alone, even though Mitch was never alone, he had a family, Amber (his girlfriend), Harrison (his brother) and of course himself.

After Mitch returned to duty, Jack found himself under the direct command of his friend as Commander Anderson put Mitch in command of completing part of the habitat ring. Jack and the rest of the flight control department found themselves working nearly sixteen hour shifts in order to get the habitat ring finished. Within three weeks, the habitat ring was completed on schedule and both Jack and Mitch were promoted to ensign for their service. After his promotion, Jack was put in charge of the flight control department. (In The Beginning)

Personal Life

While off duty Jack enjoys running, other athletics. He also enjoys a good drink and thanks to his boyfriend Tevin, a bartender, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge concerning alcoholic beverages. Lately, he has taken up the sport of racquetball and plays it competitively with a few friends.

Personal Relationships



Mitchell Hall

Ever since their freshman year at the academy, Jack and Mitch have been best of friends. In 2385, the two met during freshman orientation at the academy and became fast friends and roommates. The two always got into trouble at the academy, only minor offenses against Academy regulations, nothing major. The two of them always annoy each other as friends do, Mitch constantly rags and complains to Jack and Jack sexually harasses Mitch in return.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2385-2386 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2386-2387 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2387-2388 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2388 Starbase 519
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2388 Starbase 519
Chief Flight Control Officer
2388 USS Endeavour
Chief Flight Control Officer

Preceded by:
Markus Rubens
Chief Flight Control Officer of USS Endeavour
2388 – 2389
Succeeded by:
Horatio Hawke

Preceded by:
Chief Flight Control Officer Starbase 519
2388 – 2388
Succeeded by: