K'tan Jur

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K'tan Jur
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Physical Description

5' 6"


105 lbs



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour



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"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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Ensign K'tan Jur is a Starfleet science officer with a speciality in computer systems, currently assigned to the USS Endeavour

Like the other members of his species, K'tan's head is clearly defined by his three cranial lobes and his elongated ears ending in a point - very similar to those of some species of terran bat. His eyes are green except for the pupil, and like the rest of his species he lacks an iris. His skin is a pale grey in colour.

In addition to his regulation uniform, K'tan wears the traditional headpiece of his species; a simple black strip of fabric in the shape of a narrow crescent, which rests atop his head and hangs rigidly below his chin.

Personal Life

K'tan is a very private individual. Outside of his work, not many of his crew members know much about him. In fact, even some of his work is kept private, except for the reports he writes to his departmental chief. K'tan's preferred method of work is to do so quietly, working with other ship crewmembers whenever required, but doing so amicably. A Vulcan once referred to his methodology as logical; he works by himself unless it is more efficient to work with others. When he does so, he applies his usual calm, well-adjusted mentality in his interactions with them.

Due to his race's intrinsic sensitivity to planetary magnetic fields and seismic waves, K'tan has a certain natural affinity for his chosen field of science, relying on his tricorder as a secondary instrument for his initial studies, and his natural senses as his primary. He is also extremely adept at taking in and remembering large quantities of visual data.

Physically, his body isn't very impressive; strength is not a strong suit for most of his species, as they are a primarily calm, and peaceful race. He will fight when necessary to protect his colleagues, but will stay away from a fight otherwise.

K'tan has no ambitions of command, or even becoming a member of the ship's senior staff. Rather, he aspires to gain the experienced required on a starship, visiting and studying as many planets as he is able, before seeking a post at the Daystrom Institute.

K'tan's private life is kept just that; private. He does however spend some of his off-duty time in the holodeck, and the quartermaster recorded some form of Arkenite instrument amongst his personal possessions when he reported aboard.