Kaede Kayano

Kaede Kayano
Captain Kayano, 2391
Biographical Information







24th August 2349

Physical Description





Green (Dyed)



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Yamato, 11th Fleet


Task Force 11 Executive Officer

Played By:

William Crawford

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Kaede Kayano is a human Starfleet officer serving the 11th Fleet. She is currently in command of the USS Yamato which she assumed command of in 2390. The Yamato under Kaede was to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone and around the edge of the Klingon Empire. The USS Yamato was transfered alongside the USS Tokyo to the 11th Fleet where Kaede was placed as the Task Force's Executive Officer under the command of Richard Gates.

Physical Description

Kaede has dyed green hair which she keeps in cat style pigtails and hazel eyes. She has a small frame and is quite small for her height. Due to being half El-Aurian she naturally looks younger than she is and looks like she is in her late teens/early twenties. She is also half human, but does have a longer life span than most, but not as long as most El-Aurians. She is expected to live to roughly two to three hundred years.


Father: Kotaro Kayano (Human) Mother: Monikia Kayano (El-Aurian) Sister(s): Haruna Kayano (Younger Sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Kaede is a strange character. She is generally a nice person, kind and caring and also very calm. It takes a lot to get her angry, however if one did then she is known for not holding her back. Off duty she likes to let her hair down and enjoys long walks and the occasional run, this is because she likes to remain physically fit and healthy.

Strengths & Weaknesses


+ Caring + Friendly + Diplomacy + Medicine


- Physical strength - Sometimes a bit naive - Ruthless when anrgy - Can be jealous about her body compared to others


Kaede has a few ambitions. Since she is half El-Aurian she knows that she has a long time to do what she wants. Her main ambition was to join Starfleet and discover what was out there, which she did when she was twenty two and has been doing so for a long time now. She also wanted to practice medicine and help people, another one which came true quickly.

One day she wants to raise a family and meet the right man, but she is scared she will out live all of her children and their father. This is the main reason she has yet to find the right person because she doesn't want to outlive them as it will break her heart.

Hobbies & Interests


+ Physical training + Sketching and Painting + Reading + Clay pidgeon shooting


+ Medicine + History + Cats

Personal History

Kaede was born on Earth on the island of Hokkaido, Japan's most northern isle on the 4th August 2349. During her childhood she was known for being small and young, this was due to her El-Aurian side of her. Although the Human side did help with her physical ageing they were always in conflict. People would often mistake her for being younger than what she really was and this would often result in her being walked home, or escorted to the authorities thinking she was a lost child.

Throughout school she was picked on for how much of a child she looked. But it didn't affect Kaede because she knew that she would outlive them. She wasn't the smartest child in the school, infact she was far from it but she knew how to talk to people properly and always talked her way out of a fight or being beaten up. Her diplomacy skills were exceptional and on one occasion three bullies surrounded her and she ended up making them cry on the ground using her words only.

Throughout school Kaede was fascinated with her own body and wanted to know more about herself and others. In was in her late teen years that she decided to explore more and to study into the field of medicine and see what others were like beyond Earth.

She worked hard throughout her late school years and suprised the teachers by achieveing excellent results. She applied and was accepted into the Tokyo Medical School at age Eighteen. In Tokyo she studied medicine and medical procedures for four years. Her time at the Medical School was hard for her, but she battled on. Although she did make a few good friends there and at age Twenty Two she graduated Medical School with a First Class Degree.

Starfleet Career

She was aware that she now had to do two years of Medical Foundation either at a Hospital or Clinic. However Kaede shocked everyone again as she chose Starfleet. Due to her First Class Degree she was accepted and entered the Starfleet Medical Academy in 2371. She was told that she could choose a field placement to do her Teo Years of Starfleet Medical Training and she was offered a training position aboard the USS Voyager, however she turned that down as she wanted to remain on Earth to do her training.

The second year was an interesting year for Kaede as the Klingons and Federation were at war after the Battle of Deep Space Nine. Kaede helped deal with multiple crew who were injured and had been taken back to Starfleet Medical. After she graduated the Medical Academy in 2373 she was assigned to the USS Challenger with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade as a Medical Officer.

Kaede was aboard the Challenger when the Dominion War broke out. Luckily the Challenger wasn't one of the ships to be hit first, however it did see some action. As a medical officer she was rushing around trying to help the crew who had been injured in battle. Kaede was on the Challenger throughout the Dominion War and saw a lot of bloodshed and a lot of people die. She tried to keep a lot of her fellow crew alive but sometimes she failed, as a Junior Doctor she often felt guilty for what had happened.

With the Challenger badly damaged after the Dominion War Kaede and most of the crew were reassigned. This time she was assigned aboard the USS Thunderchild and due to her efforts aboard the Challenger was promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Head of their Medical Department. Kaede enjoyed her time aboard the Thunderchild, it was an Akira Class Vessel and was more combat orientated than the Challenger. She stayed aboard the Thunderchild for three years until another position she had been waiting for opened up.

Starfleet Medical approached Kaede as they needed a capable officer to take the Chief Medical Officer spot aboard the USS Intrepid. Since Starfleet was still recovering from the Dominion War ships that needed recrewing were asking for new officers regardless of age and experience as long as they had the qualifications. She accepted and transfered aboard the Intrepid in 2378.

As the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Intrepid, Starfleet's First Intrepid Class Kaede enjoyed the medical facilities and making friends aboard a smaller ship. She found faith in herself and the Intrepid was assigned to keeping the peace along the borders of the Klingon and Romulan Empire often resulting in minor skirmishes but nothing too big. In 2383 the Intrepid's Captain Approached her and promoted her to Lieutenant Commander as well as the ships Second Officer.

Kaede didn't see herself as a person able to command. However she was ensured that it would secure her future in Starfleet. She had to take command a few times when both the Captain and Executive Officer were off ship and she found that she seemed to have a natural flare for it especially as she was good with talking to people.

During an incident on the Intrepid both the Commanding and Executive Officer had been kidnapped by the Tholians as they claimed that the ship had trespassed into their territory. Kaede tried to come to a diplomatic solution. She managed to talk down the Tholians and negotiate the Captains and XO's release. However the Tholians only transported back the Captain before killing the XO on the screen to "Teach them a lesson for next time"

Kaede was devestated. The Tholians hadn't kept their promise to her and she became angry at them. She ordered the Intrepid to open fire and for the first time she saw red. She hated people who broke their promises. Her Captain managed to drag her off the bridge, but not before the Tholian vessel had been destroyed. Kaede half cried half shouted at her Captain about the incident and was eventually calmed down.

A few weeks later she was told that Starfleet had decided to overlook what had happened on the bridge and she would not get reprimanded as she could be considered as "Emotionally Compromised". She was asked if she wanted to take the Executive Officer spot. It would help her work on her temper, plus it would give her the command experience she needed. She thought about it a few days and then accepted. This was because she wanted to become a better person, although she was still a doctor she decided to take this opportunity.

She served aboard the Intrepid again this time as the ships Executive Officer with the rank of Commander for five years. After five years of relative peace in the Federation the Intrepid was recalled to Earth as its captain who was now in his late seventies had decided to step down and retire. Kaede by now considered him a friend and she was offered command of the Intrepid. She refused.

She didn't want to fill his boots and requested an assignment elsewhere as an Executive Officer. Starfleet assigned to the USS Yamato, a brand new Sovereign Class Starship but with one condition. She had to take a promotion to Captain and command the ship. It took several weeks for Kaede to decide, and eventually she accepted. In 2390 she stepped aboard her fist command the USS Yamato and the ship was assigned along with the USS Tokyo and a handful of other vessels along the Romulan Neutral Zone.


Year Placement Rank Assignment

2367-2371 Tokyo University Medical School
Medical Doctor Degree (MA)

2371 Starfleet Academy Medical Academy
Provisional Ensign
Training Starfleet Medical Officer
2372 Starfleet Academy Medical Academy
Provisional Ensign
Training Starfleet Medical Officer
2373 Starfleet Academy Medical Academy
Provisional Ensign
Training Starfleet Medical Officer
2373-2375 USS Challenger
Lieutenant JG
Medical Officer
2375-2378 USS Thunderchild
Lieutenant JG
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2378-2383 USS Intrepid
Chief Medical Officer
2383-2385 USS Intrepid
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer
2385-2390 USS Intrepid
Executive Officer
2390 USS Yamato
Commanding Officer

2391 USS Yamato/11th Fleet
Task Force 11 Executive Officer

Preceded by:
Captain Suvaal
Task Force 11 Executive Officer, 11th Fleet
2391 – Present
Succeeded by: