Leave of Absence Log/Archive/2013

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LOA ID# Name Rank Posting Position Reason for LOA Leave Dates
01-2013 Jonathan Hansen PF Admiralty TF 11 Commanding Officer Personal Reasons One week
02-2013 Veronica Constantine PF Admiralty Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer Work Commitments Mar 11 - May 30th (Semi LOA)
03-2013 Matthew Baker PF Admiralty Director of Personnel Management Education Commitments March 26th - April 6th
04-2013 John Thompson PF Admiralty TF 44 CO Administrative ELOA due to Real Life Commitments as well as School Work Unknown at this time
05-2013 Aidan Danar USS Antietam Commanding Officer Personal Vacation May 21, 2013 - June 6th, 2013
06-2013 Maksima Sveta Akadi USS Langport Commanding Officer eLOA May 9, 2013 - June 1th, 2013
07-2013 Kaitlen Walford PF Admiralty Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer Personal Vacation August 10, 2013 - August 19, 2013
08-2013 Tzipora Simcha PF Admiralty Judge Advocate General Emergency LOA Approx. 2 weeks
Emily Quinn
Captain Liarra Von

PF Admiralty
Starbase 332
R&D Director
Commanding Officer
Personal Reasons One week
11-2013 Veronica Constantine PF Admiralty
USS Niagara
Commanding Officer
Field Ex Oct 15th - Oct 24th