Liarra Von

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Liarra Von
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Biographical Information



Trill (Joined)




November 14, 2355

Physical Description



130 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Starbase 332, USS Jackal


Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Commanding Officer

Played By:

Alex Meyers

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Commander Liarra Von is a Starfleet officer serving as the Chief of Strategic Operations for the Archanis Sector and as Commanding Officer of the USS Jackal in the latter half of the 24th century.


Liarra Von was born as Liarra Prim on Stardate 33475.47. Her childhood years were not spent like most girls her age. Instead of playing with dolls, she was far more at home playing cowboys and Romulans with the boys her age. Neither of her parents ever joined Starfleet, and had instead hoped that Liarra would stay on Trill and take over the family restaurant. While her father had joined with a symbiont, her mother never did. She used this to pressure Liarra into applying to the Symbiosis Commission. Liarra was only marginally interested.

Instead, she wanted to join Starfleet, against both her parents' wishes. Her interest in weapons and tactics led her to focus on training in security and tactical. Her time in the Academy was rather uneventful. She enjoyed the more physical activities, even becoming an avid soccer player for the Academy team. She graduated in 2377.

Because of the devastation incurred by Starfleet during the Dominion War, Liarra's family was still strongly against her career choice. Still, her parents attended her graduation, and saw her off on her first assignment, a security officer for the USS Galaxy. There she was mentored by the ship's Chief of Security, Lt. Commander Alex Gunning. She continued her friendship after he was promoted to executive officer, and Liarra was named the assistant chief of security and tactical and promoted to Lieutenant (JG).

She continued to serve aboard the USS Galaxy until early 2384, reaching the rank of Lieutenant. She had only sporadic contact with her family since she graduated from the Academy, but received an emergency transmission from her father. Her mother, Eriza, had been diagnosed with an incurable disease. Liarra requested a leave of absence to tend to her dying mother. After not seeing each other for years, it was difficult for her to tell her parents that she had to leave. Instead of disappointing her parents again, Liarra temporarily resigned her commission with Starfleet. During this time, she promised her mother that she would be joined, something that Eriza never got to experience. Liarra was accepted into program in mid 2384. By July of 2385, she was approved for joining, and was awarded the Von symbiont following the death of the previous host, Reena. Although her mother died only a couple of months later, she was happy to see that her only daughter was able to join.

Liarra Von spent the next few of months after her mother's death helping her father with his restaurant. Even with six lifetimes of experience, she was still no cook, and longed to go back to Starfleet. Her father knew that he could not keep her away from the stars forever, and made her promise not to lose touch again. She agreed, and applied for reinstatement early in 2386. She was able to contact her old mentor, who had just been offered command of the Defiant class USS Jackal, and needed a chief tactical and security officer. Liarra accepted the offer, and caught the next transport for DS9.

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