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|name=Lieutenant Junior Grade
|name=Lieutenant Junior Grade
|higher rank=<ul><li>[[Lieutenant]]</li></ul>
|higher rank=<ul><li>[[Lieutenant]]</li></ul>

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Lieutenant Junior Grade
Higher Rank:
Lower Rank:
  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Non-Commissioned Officers
  • Enlisted Personnel
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Lieutenant, Junior Grade is junior commissioned officer rank, senior to an Ensign but subordinate to a full Lieutenant. It has a ranking code of O-2 and is equivalent to a First Lieutenant in the Starfleet Marine Corps. The rank insignia consists of one full pip and one hollow pip.


Lieutenant JGs are most commonly billeted as Department Heads aboard a starship or starbase. Often, a Lieutenant may hold command of a team within a department - a security detail, or engineering team, for example - most commonly comprised of non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.

Starfleet Officer Ranks
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