List of items being considered by the PFA

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This page has been adopted by the PFA as an official policy.

Organisation of this list is as follows; the current month's discussions shall be listed at the top of the page. Below will be previous months' discussions, categorised by month with the most recent at the end of the page. Items within each month's listing will be listed in the same order - oldest to newest.

Items in italics will be items of discussion carried over from the previous month. Items resolved by a month's end will have their entry in this list stricken through for that month - i.e. if Discussion A continues from January into February, but finishes before March, February's list would have Discussion A in it, whilst January would only have Discussion A.

This page will be updated on the 1st and 14th of each month.

February 2013

  • "Adoption of New Cadet Course Material"[PASSED]
  • "Adoption of New Lesson 5 for Command Course"[PASSED]
  • "Discussion for Creation of Fleet Advisors"
  • "Merger of Fleet Canon and Trek Canon"
  • "Sim Rating Change - USS Nakatomi"
  • "Adjustment to GAC Procedures"
  • Standing Orders for All Departments
  • Yearly Reviews of All Departments

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February 2013

  • Adoption of New Cadet Course Material[PASSED]
  • Adoption of New Lesson 5 for Command Course[PASSED]
  • Discussion for Creation of Fleet Advisors
  • Merger of Fleet Canon and Trek Canon
  • Sim Rating Change - USS Nakatomi
  • Adjustment to GAC Procedures
  • Standing Orders for All Departments
  • Yearly Reviews of All Departments