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|Position=[[Squadron Leader, Flight Instructor]]
|Position=[[Squadron Leader, Flight Instructor]]
|Played By=[[User:Emily Quinn|Alexandra Meyers]]
|Played By=[[User:Emily Quinn|Alex Meyers]]
[[Lieutenant]] '''Lynsi Mason''' is a [[Starfleet]] officer serving as a Fighter [[Flight Instructor]] at the [[Archanis Flight Training Center]], based at [[Starbase 332]] in the latter half of the 24th century.
[[Lieutenant]] '''Lynsi Mason''' is a [[Starfleet]] officer serving as a Fighter [[Flight Instructor]] at the [[Archanis Flight Training Center]], based at [[Starbase 332]] in the latter half of the 24th century.

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Lynsi "Blaze" Mason
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Starbase 332


Squadron Leader, Flight Instructor

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Alex Meyers

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Lieutenant Lynsi Mason is a Starfleet officer serving as a Fighter Flight Instructor at the Archanis Flight Training Center, based at Starbase 332 in the latter half of the 24th century.


Lynsi Nicole Mason always had Starfleet in her blood. Her father was a Starfleet captain. She grew up on his ship, the USS Saratoga. During her childhood, her family would go on leave with her father. He would often let her sit at the controls of their shuttle. She learned to fly at a young age, and decided early that she wanted to go to the Academy to be a Starfleet pilot.

While at the Academy, Lynsi was awarded many times for her skill. She was a member of Nova Squadron, and was awarded several opportunities for advanced training exercises.

While she was too young to participate in the Dominion War, she was assigned to various air wings, and active in several small conflicts. Her squadron was assigned to the USS Archer, part of Battle Group Omega during the Romulan crisis of 2379. Due to the the Scimitar engaging the Enterprise before she could rendezvous with the rest of the fleet, her squadron did not participate in the battle. Lynsi still gained the attention of Starfleet Command, and was eventually assigned to the Hastings-class USS Shiloh as a squadron leader.

Following her deployment aboard the Shiloh, Mason was assigned as a flight instructor at the Archanis Flight Training Center. Her time at the training center was limited, however, before she was called back to action. The crisis at Thane led to her temporary assignment as a squadron leader, leading the cadets into battle.

Personality Overview

Lynsi has been a fighter jock her whole life. She's friendly, but arrogant, and is never afraid to prove that she is better than everyone else. She goes by the call sign Blaze.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Lynsi is an excellent pilot, and she knows it. Her arrogance and pride can sometimes get the better of her. Still, this is only a personal weakness. She would never put pilots under her command in danger because of her pride. Her squadron comes first, the mission second. Her reputation comes third.

Hobbies & Interests