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Welcome to the Pegasus Fleet Wiki


Welcome to Pegasus Fleet's Wiki Database. Our current simm year is 2394

Pegasus Fleet was founded in October 2009 as a simming fleet which held the directive of abiding by its own rules at the very heart of its being. From the start, an assertive effort has been, and always will be made to ensure that all accounts of favouritism are avoided. Positions are not granted on the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty by who you know, but rather the quality of your application, and the skills you display. It is the fleet commander's intent that Pegasus Fleet's reputation for fairness and equality be in high regard all the way to the very top of the online simming community; that when someone asks about a fleet which focuses on fairness to all members, ours is the name that springs instantly to mind.

We at Pegasus Fleet believe that one of the best ways to keep consistency and high standards in role playing is to have a good source of reference and background information. The Pegasus Fleet Wiki is designed as an informative database usable by any member of the fleet, or indeed the online simming community. Any member of Pegasus Fleet may edit or add articles and information, as long as they follow the policies for editing pages here on the Wiki. If you'd like to start contributing but don't know where, a good way to get started is to take a look at our stub pages, wanted pages and any listing marked by our maintenance templates as incomplete, non-existent or pages that need some work on improving them.

Want to know what the Fleet Administration is talking about? Check out the List of items being considered by the PFA.

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September - December 2012 – Benjamin J. Byrne


Captain Benjamin James Byrne is a noted Starfleet officer, archaeologist and diplomat serving in the latter half of the 24th century. The highlights of his career are his assignments as commanding officer of the USS Hendrix, USS New York, and most recently, the USS Endeavour.

Byrne holds diverse intellectual interests, though his recreational interests are often overshadowed by his work ethic and his fascination with ancient history. He has had a life-long interest in archaeology, inspired by his parents and the archaeological digs that they took him on all over Earth, having studied the various ancient cultures of his world with fascination since his youth, and he has even visited seminars of the Federation Archaeology Council when his duties have permitted him to do so.

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Fleet Canon Portal

Fleet Canon is an important aspect to Pegasus Fleet's fibre of In Character devotion. The members of the fleet work hard to ensure that entries are created that add an impressive, and unique flavour to our universe, tailored for Pegasus Fleet, and chronicled here on the Pegasus Fleet Wiki. See below for just a selection of the items that have been deemed as Canon by the Commanding Officers of the Fleet:

Elaborated Trek Canon

Unique Fleet Canon

Galactic Anthropology Committee

The Galactic Anthropology Committee is the primary organisation within Pegasus Fleet, charged with the creation and extension of In Character articles and information regarding species, governments, planets, locations, ships and persons of note. Their purpose is to enhance the universe in which the membership of the fleet partakes their simming endeavours in by providing captains and crews with new possibilities, and a deeper understanding of the region of the galaxy in which we play.

The Galactic Anthropology Committee has the primary responsibility for assisting items towards GAC Article status, or for nominating more major items for vote and acceptance as Fleet Canon. The GAC consists of the following members;

Non-Canon ArticlesGAC ArticlesFleet CanonTrek Canon

If you are interested in joining the Galactic Anthropology Committee, contact the Chairman.