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This character is a PNPC of the player Ashley and may not be used without permission.

Netolia is a Deltan nurse in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Dauntless.

Netolia, PNPC
Biographical Information

Delta IV





Physical Description



133 lbs




Pale Grey

Political Information



USS Washington



Played By:


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Physical Description

Netolia is a well shaped female humanoid with no hair upon her head (it is a notable trait of her race). Her eyes are rimmed with thick, long eyelashes that make her irises seem paler than they are. Her complexion is fair and without blemish. The nurse's hands are average size and nimble with slender fingers. Her eyebrows are a jet black with a Hollywood-like high arch.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

She is very friendly and kind. Her attitude is upbeat and positive; so she tries to take insults lightly. She's never been flirtatious and would be very shy if advances were made towards her. When there is an emergency at hand, she buckles down and becomes very serious - ready to do what it takes to put danger at bay. However, she loves talking to others.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Happy
+ Optimistic
+ Intelligent
+ Kind/ Caring
+ Driven
+ Open-Minded

- Weakness:
- Talkative
- Friendly
- Kind
- Shy
- Fearful
- Nosey


She wishes to work alongside an excellent and notable doctor; as well as to become a notable nurse. Though it may seem she's not pouring herself into her work, she's always thinking about alternative medicine, should the popular method not work.

Hobbies & Interests

Talking, Reading, Exercising, Dancing, Wigs [she doesn't wear them out of her quarters], Alternative Medicine, Befriending Others


Deltan, Federation Standard, Bynar, Klingon, Caitian, Cairn, and Aenar



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Netolia doesn't remember much from her childhood. When she turned thirteen, she took a very serious interest in medicine and nursing. She figured that her slight telepathic ability would be good in such a field. From there, she took her studies very seriously. She also made many new friends along the way. Her main trial and tribulation, however, was her involuntary trait in attracting men and women alike sexually. She refused to take a vow of celibacy; for she felt the true strength in denying someone was not having a reason other than simply not wanting to.

She graduated through all of her classes just short of being the absolute top student. Her socializing seemed to hinder her performance a bit. The day had come for her to take the exam that would allow her to serve upon a ship in the fleet. Taking the test, she scored a perfect hundred percent. When asked why she was going into nursing instead of becoming a doctor, she simply stated, "Doctor's aren't supposed to know everything like nurses. They're supposed to pick our brains for the fastest solution to the problem. I want to be the key to the problem." For her twenty-ninth birthday, Netolia boarded the USS Washington; ready to serve like no nurse has served before. Upon doing so, she found Doctor T'Stala and decided that this would be her bosom buddy and work partner as long as time permitted. When the doctor left the Washington, she too departed and followed her onto the USS Dauntless.