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|Posting=USS ''Farragut''
|Posting=USS ''Farragut''
|Position=[[Executive Officer]]
|Position=[[Executive Officer]]
|Rank=<div align="center">[[Image:TNGR-o5.png]]<br><font size="1">[[Commander]]</font></div>
|Played By=
|Played By=

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Omar Prax
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Commander Omar Prax was a joined Trill, and the fifth host of the Prax symbiont from 2341 until his death in 2367. He served as a command officer within Starfleet.

Inspired by the attitude and camaraderie of the crew of his previous two host's ship, Omar Prax decided to put his life's work before joining - that of a Trill security officer - to good use elsewhere, and applied to join Starfleet Academy, being accepted and graduating with honours, having mastered his fields art as well as the fields of piloting and field medicine. Assigned to the USS Hampshire, Ensign Prax began to lead a fulfilling career in Starfleet, rising through the ranks to reach Chief of Security aboard the ship, before being offered a berth aboard the USS Farragut as First Officer.

Leaping at the opportunity, it was the first chance a Prax host had been given the opportunity to take an important, leading role since Kronat, and Omar relished comparing the differences between Kronat's time and his time aboard the Farragut. Rising to Commander after spending three years aboard the ship, he became friends with Alexander Gunning, a young up and coming officer in whom Omar saw a lot of potential.

Omar was fatally injured during the Battle of Wolf 359, and had to be rushed by the rescue teams who made it to the battle site in the aftermath back to Trill to be joined with a new host, and to once again save the symbiont.

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