Pegasus Fleet Academy Commandant

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Academy Commandant

The Academy Commandant is a member of the PF Admiralty and is responsible for the training of all new Commanding Officers and new players within the fleet through the Command Course and Cadet Course as well running additional specific courses. The Academy is also responsible for being a mentor to new commanding Officers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Member of the Fleet Admiralty.
  • Responsible for the operations of Fleet Academy (Cadet, Command, and Workshop subsidiaries).
  • Overseeing the maintenance of the Academy website.
  • Recruitment, training, organization and administration of the Instructors of the Academy.
  • Must be able and willing to teach all aspects of the Academy. This Includes the Cadet, Command, and Workshop subsidiaries.
  • In the event that no instructor has taken a student from the waiting list for 7 days, they have the responsibility to actively seek an instructor for the student in coordination with the Vice-Commandant and senior instructors.
  • Responsible for selecting a Vice Commandant, subject to PFA Approval.
  • Responsible for appointing Senior Instructors.
  • Shall serve on the Academy Advisement Board.

Current Office of Academy Commandant

The current Academy Commandant is Commodore Veronica Constantine

Previous Academy Commandants

Preceded by:

Roman Sanchez
Commanding Officer of Pegasus Fleet
2390 - Present
Succeeded by:
Admiral Kaitlen Walford