Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer

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The Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer's (PFXO's) duties are some of the most varied amongst any member of the fleet's administration. His or her duties include executing the orders of the Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer, coordinating events as directed by the Fleet CO and the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, as well as taking over as the Acting Fleet Commanding Officer during times when the Fleet CO becomes unavailable or goes on a Leave of Absence. The Fleet XO may also serve in any other capacity on an as-needed basis, and is often required to temporarily fill in for a position within the fleet that is vacant for a time until a replacement for the position can be selected.

Constitutional Mandate

The role of the PFXO is described in the Pegasus Fleet Constitution:

The Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer (PFXO) shall be a member of the PFA and serve as its vice-chair and shall not occupy any other PFA-level position except on an acting or emergency basis until a qualified person for the position can be found. (Constitution III.5.1)

Holders of the Office of PFXO

The Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer position is currently unoccupied since the Admiralty restructure in January-February 2015.

Previous holders of the Office of PFXO