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==[[Fleet Operations Standing Orders]]==
==[[Fleet Operations Standing Orders]]==
Not yet issued
Issued: 26/06/2015

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This page has been adopted by the PFA as an official policy.

Below, links to the official Pegasus Fleet Standing Orders are listed, including the issue date and any further relevant dates (such as revision/voiding dates).

Standing Orders are issued to help standardise the running of the departments, and often deal with organisation (including processes for appointment of department staff) as well as any approval processes for items (such as ship specifications) that get submitted through said department.

Academy Standing Orders

Issued: 07/04/2013

Department of Personnel and Recruitment Standing Orders

Issued: May 28th 2013 (Personnel - Recruitment SOs unknown)

Judge Advocate General Standing Orders (Also known as the Judicial Code of Practice)

Issued: Unknown

Research & Development Standing Orders

Issued: June 12th 2010

Fleet Operations Standing Orders

Issued: 26/06/2015