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Rana Kedair is a Takaran Starfleet officer serving in the latter half of the 24th Century. As Takara is not a Federation member, she emigrated to the Federation to gain citizenship in order to be able to join Starfleet.


Rana grew up on Takara, in a sector of the Alpha Quadrant very close to the border with the Delta Quadrant. Life on Takara was harsh by human standards, but Takaran children know little else of the conditions around the galaxy, and see it as the norm. That isn't to say that Takarans are ignorant of other races - many Takarans have gone out away from their homeworld and participated in the affairs of other races, or joined them in cooperation. The most notorious as far as the Federation has been concerned was the man named Jo'Bril, a scientist whose work as part of a team developing metaphasic shielding led him to board the USS Enterprise in the 2360s, where he killed the lead scientist and attempted to steal the prototype they had built for himself. It was Starfleet's first significant interaction with Takarans, and news of the event even reached those on Takara, with the scientific authorities posthumously revoking his scientific status.

Rana clearly remembers hearing about the news, even though she was only five years old at the time. She remembered fearing whether the Federation - or the Ferengi, as she later learned the murdered scientist was himself not a member of the Federation - would travel to Takara to serve retribution to the people who produced such a bad man. When no visit came, she became interested in organisation, and started learning whatever she could about it. She learnt that it was made up of many species across hundreds of worlds, and they worked to better themselves, protecting their territory but going out and exploring and learning about the galaxy around them. She became quite an explorer of her own environment as she was growing up, which ended up getting her into quite a bit of trouble, and put her resilient anatomy to the test. Her parents saw it as character building, and actively encouraged her to explore more about the world around her and what she wanted to be in it.

Ultimately, Rana decided that she wanted to go and join this Federation, and their Starfleet, even though she had never met anyone who came from either. As soon as she was old enough, she boarded a freighter and left home, heading for the nearest Federation outpost, and from there boarded a number of transports on her way to Earth. Rana officially emigrated to the Federation in 2382, and immediately applied for Federation citizenship and admittance to Starfleet Academy. She didn't quite know what she wanted to do in Starfleet yet, but she knew that it would take time for her to be able to meet all of the criteria needed for her Federation citizenship to be approved, which was a requirement for her to attend the Academy, as she had no relationship with any existing Starfleet officers - command-level or otherwise - to call on to give her a letter of recommendation.

Whilst she was waiting for the citizenship process to progress, she took to exploring her new surrounding, and was very surprised at just how vulnerable the other species around her were. Not only did they look to have softer skins, but when she talked to a few of them - she found the medical students near the Academy campus in San Francisco particularly helpful here - she learnt that their anatomies were nowhere near as resilient as her own. It was during the months where her citizenship application was pending that she decided that her calling in life was to protect those weaker than her, and so when her citizenship request was approved and she was accepted into the Academy, she chose security as her specialism.

Starfleet Career

Rana's time as a cadet had a steep learning curve, even if it was more on the culture side than anything else. She was able to study the subjects she was being taught easy enough, but never having before left Takara before coming to the Federation, she found she had a lot to learn about the customs of other races, and how to interact with them. She found herself in a few embarrassing situations where she assumed that customs in the Federation would be the same as on her homeworld, before learning that she was taking things for granted and having to adjust herself.

Rana graduated from the Academy 23rd in her class, with very high marks from her martial arts instructors. She had been very interested in the multiple different styles of combat from around the Federation, and had enthusiastically taken up multiple disciplines, which earned her a letter of recommendation and a posting aboard a starship that was heading out to the very edges of Federation space, where her skills were more likely to be needed by the crew. The Pharoah was shipping out from Deep Space 8, exploring towards the Galactic Core, which put Rana very close to her homeworld. The ship's security chief was keen to hear whatever Rana had heard about the races in the region, and Rana was happy to provide what information she could. But it was in an encounter with one of the many races Rana had not heard about that she felt let her earn her place amongst the crew.

The ship was several weeks away from Federation space when they were set upon by a pair of ships which attacked rapidly, ambush-style and disabled the Pharoah's systems. With the ship reduced to just emergency power, their attackers began cutting through the hull to gain access to the ship, presumably either to take it for their own, or to take what they wanted from within it and leave the crew to die. The security detail responded in force, meeting the intruders whenever they made it aboard and fighting for survival on behalf of the entire crew. Rana ended up in a fight down in main engineering when one of the other security officers was wounded by their assailant, who seemed to prefer to use short-range, bladed weapons. Rana was stabbed through the chest, but thanks to her anatomy, and to the shock of her opponent, rose from the floor and attacked again, making use of her Academy-taught martial arts skills to disarm and disable her opponent. The encounter earned her her first medal, and later would be quoted as one of the reasons for her early promotion to Lieutenant JG.

Rana's career progressed very quickly from there, with her continuing to serve admirably aboard the Pharaoh for a number of years, being appointed the assistant chief of security after only three years. Her first reassignment came with the offer of her next promotion, to take on the assistant chief of security position aboard the much larger USS Horatio, with a rank increase to full Lieutenant. It was aboard the Horatio that she really learnt how to interact with a large number of people, particularly as her subordinates. The Excalibur-class starship had a large crew compliment, which necessitated a large security department, and Rana spent her time there learning from the ship's chief of security about how to manage those under their command, and how to deal with crew disputes, personnel appraisals, transfers, rewards and punishments, and all of the other myriad things that came with running a department onboard a large starship. Again, she served with distinction, and it wasn't long before she was offered another step up the career ladder, with the opportunity to run her own security department aboard the USS <ShipName>.

Personal Life

Personal Relationships



Year Placement Rank Assignment
2383 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2384 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2385 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2386 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2386-2387 USS Pharaoh
Security Officer
2387-2389 USS Pharaoh
Security Officer
2389-2390 USS Pharaoh
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2390-2392 USS Horatio
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief of Security & Chief Tactical Officer