Rose Cooper

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Rose Cooper
Biographical Information










Physical Description

5' 7"


130 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Chief Medical Officer

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Doctor Rose Cooper is a Federation Starfleet medical officer and physician, currently serving with the 11th Fleet vessel USS Endeavour.

Half human and half Romulan, Rose tries to hide her Romulan side as much as possible. Her long brown hair covers her pointy ears and she luckily doesn't have the brow ridges some of the Romulans have. She manages quite well to look human, at a first glance, but any one who studies her more closely can see that there is not just human blood in her veins.

Otherwise, she also doesn't look that much like a typical doctor. She has a more muscular build then most women and it appears as if she isn't afraid of anyone.


Kargon was a sleeper agent on Earth for the Romulan Empire. He pretended to be human and had plastic surgery to look like one. For his cover he was a civilian holodeck engineer, who did some research to holo technology too. His company occasionally worked with Starfleet and some universities, so he had different connections, without calling too much attention to himself.

Maggie was a young Intelligence Officer when she met Jason, Kargon's alter ego. She thought she had found a great guy. Good looking, intelligent, with a few quirks, but those don't matter when you were in love. They had a short courtship and he surprised her by asking her to marry him after only a year.Yet she said yes and the couple got happily married.

A few years went by and the topic of having children came up more and more. Jason didn't want them and tried to come up with different excuses. In truth, he didn't want them because it would immediately show something was wrong. He might look and act like a human and was able to fool most mundane scanners, genetically he was still a Romulan. And so would his child be. His excuses worked for a while, but at a certain point Maggie decided that he would come around if she was pregnant and continued without his consent.

She had to tell him what had happened when she thought something in the hospital had gone wrong and claimed that the baby had Romulan DNA. He was surprised and angry she had done this and was gone the next day. Maggie figured he just needed to cool down, but when he didn't come back she reported him as missing. That, combined with the strange hospital results finally showed who Jason had really been.

Maggie was devastated. Not only was her entire marriage a scam, she also blamed herself for not noticing anything. As an Intelligence Officer she should have known better, she should have seen something, but she hadn't. Yet she had wanted a child for so long that she couldn't abort the baby.

A couple of months later Rose was born. From the beginning Maggie had a difficult relationship with the child, since the baby clearly showed signs of her father's heritage. Signs Maggie had missed. Though it was her daughter and she tried to raise her as well as she could and tried to hide who and what the father was.

The first years of her life, Rose was hardly hindered by her heritage. Young children didn't notice or didn't care and for a while her mother also managed to convince the environment that Rose was part Vulcan. Things got more difficult when she got older and started to ask her own questions. Maggie didn't want to lie to her daughter as she had been lied to and answered all her questions honestly. Then it became harder to cover up what had happened, especially when Rose started to show signs of more aggressive behaviour.

Rose had always been an active child, with different emotions always close to surfacing. Yet that combined with some children trying to bully her with her heritage, caused her to physically lash out on occasions. Maggie didn't know what to do, since she blamed her genetics for it, but a change came when someone suggested that in stead of hiding her Romulan, she might had to use it to her advantage. Since the Romulan Empire was strict and militaristic, maybe that was the way to go.

That was when Rose started doing martial arts. She was taught both Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at two very strict schools and gradually her behaviour started to change. She found ways to focus her energy and anger into more constructive things and she became a lot easier to live with.

In her teen years it got time for Rose to decide what to do with her life. Some people around her tried to encourage her to do something with her fighting skills, but Rose was hesitant when it came to that. She knew some people feared her, trainings partners, kids at school. Some because of her heritage, some because of her strength, but usually it was a combination of both. And she didn't want people to be afraid of her. She wanted to do good and help people.

The decision to become a doctor came when she met one of her mother's colleagues. He was a medical officer as well and had served during the Dominion War. When she heard his stories, Rose was sure that that was the perfect combination for her. In Starfleet there would be discipline and order, but at the same time she could also help people and do something good for the people around her.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Rose did well during her time at the Academy. The structured life combined with the classes was exactly what she had been looking for. Because of the more species divers environment, she was less bothered by her Romulan appearance, which caused her to be a bit more relaxed than before. Yet after four years of studying and practising she felt ready for the real work.

Early Career

Her first tour was on the USS Sherlock. A ship that spent a majority of its time near the Neutral Zone and Romulan border. It wasn't the easiest start for Rose, since some of the crew had a number of altercations with Romulan spies and weren't too fond of having the half-Romulan around. Her worst 'enemy' was the ship's First Officer, an Andorian called th'Tras. He had spent some years in Intelligence before choosing the command path and certainly wasn't happy to have her on board. Which he made very clear.

After a bad attack on the ship there were wounded everywhere and medical was very busy dealing with them. They had been working all night and all beds were filled, while some of the surgeons were still busy with emergency surgeries. It was when th'Tras came in complaining about a head ache, though unfortunately for him, there was still a line and he and Rose crossed when he tried to pull rank to be treated first. Rose was not having it and told him to wait for his turn. Things escalated and before they knew it Security had to break up a fight in sickbay.

The CO had had it with both of them continuously arguing and sent them both to the brig for two days to cool down. The issue was resolved, but Rose applied for a transfer elsewhere.

Later Postings

She ended up on the USS Aesculapius, a medical ship. There was less action, but it was a great environment for a young medical officer to learn and experience a lot of different sides of the job. And since they were sent to different places to offer aid, there was a lot less animosity towards her as well. Rose absolutely loved her time there and took every opportunity she got to learn something new.

After learning a lot on the Aesculapius Rose was transferred to the Perseverance, to become an Assistant Chief Medical Officer. The Ambassador-class ship was huge and it took Rose some time to get used to the environment there. In the beginning she had a lot to learn about running sickbay and helping out the CMO, but she really set her mind to it and managed to make it work. They went on a number of diplomatic missions, including some to the Neutral Zone after Romulus was damaged.

Although Rose felt little for the Empire, she did feel sorry for the regular people that had lived there, just living their lives like everyone else and who had been killed, or lost almost everything. Some people thought it was just what the Romulans deserved, but she felt that some of them were only people too. She didn't make friends trying to explain that to certain people, but she couldn't care too much about it. She had always felt that people shouldn't be judged on what their species was or what their government did.

Personal Life

Ever since she was a child, Rose's emotions have been easy to surface. She is easy to anger, but also easy to get to laugh. It all depends on her mood and the circumstances. When she is happy and relaxed, she can have a lot, joke around, but when she is stressed or under pressure you don't want to cross her.

As a doctor she is straight and honest when it comes to dealing with patients. She will tell them what is wrong and what she can do about it and will always be realistic in her approach. She doesn't believe in cuddling her patients or giving them false hope. She will tell it as it is.

Rose is a very passionate and driven women. Once she has a goal in mind she won't easily give up and won't be distracted by it. This is true for goals in her life as well as goals in her job. If she thinks she can help someone she will, one way or the other. Rose is also a very strong woman, both mentally and physically. She is not easily brought down by pain, tiredness or discomfort. Her emotions are her weak point. Over the years she has worked on it and tries to keep them under control, but it doesn't always work. Especially when she's angry she has been known to lash out at people.

Her heritage is another sensitive point. She has nothing with Romulus, Romulans or her father and will at all cost try to avoid the subject.

Rose loves her job and where she is in life at this point, yet she still hopes to one day mean something to someone. Like cure a disease, find a new method of curing people, and so forth.

(Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu: She has trained in this ever since she was a little girl. It's her way to get rid of excess energy and frustrations.

Research: In line with her ambitions, Rose has participated in different research projects, beside her regular work. She doesn't want to be a full time researcher, but she does like to focus on a different aspect of medicine from time to time.

Personal Relationships


Rose has never seen her father. After Maggie was got pregnant his cover was soon blown and he escaped Federation space as quickly as he could. Rose absolutely hates him for what he did to her mother and she never had the urge to go find him or anything.

Maggie was devastated in the discovery that her husband was a Romulan imposter. Not only was her entire marriage a scam, she also blamed herself for not noticing anything. As an Intelligence Officer she should have known better. That is also significant for the difficult relationship Rose and Maggie have. Rose obviously is her daughter and she is proud of her accomplishments, but she is also a reminder of how horribly she failed herself. The two argue quite a bit, since Maggie sees a lot of Kargon in her, but until now, they've always managed to make up again.


Because of her mother's history, Rose is careful about who she lets that close. A lot of people also only see her as curiosity or some kind of trophy or achievement. She has had a couple of boyfriends, but isn't currently seeing anyone.


Rose has a couple of friends from the Academy and the ships she has served on, who she contacts on a regular basis. Yet space is a big place, so she hardly sees them in person any more.


Preceded by:
Kalin Jerome
Chief Medical Officer of USS Endeavour
2389 – Present
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