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This page has been adopted by the PFA as an official policy.

This version of the Constitution is being edited and is currently under construction. For the current active Constitution, please go here.

The following is the 11th Fleet Constitution; it and by-laws passed under its authority serve as a guide to Pegasus Fleet's membership.

Article 1 - Mission Statement

Revised Mission Statement, broader scope with clearer language.

Article 2 - Membership

defines qualifications for membership, basic membership rights, and methods by which membership can be withdrawn or revoked.

Article 2 - Structure of the Fleet

General overview of the structure.

Section 1 - Command Structure and Chain of Command

Discuss the chain of command in broad strokes

Part 1 - Pegasus Fleet Admiralty

Define Admiralty Roles Define Staff (non voting) roles)

Part 2 - Pegasus Fleet Members

Define CO and Player in broad strokes

Section 2 - Fleet Structure

Discuss fleet break down in most basic terms

Part 1 - Task Forces

Discuss task forces in the most basic terms.

Part 2 - Task Groups

Discuss task groups in the most basic terms.

Article III - Rights and Responsibilities

General description of section.

Section 1 - Pegasus Fleet Admiralty

Brief description of Admiralty rights and responsibilities.

Section 2 - Pegasus Fleet Staff

Brief description of Staff rights and responsibilities.

Section 3 - Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officers

Brief description of CO rights and responsibilities.

Section 4 - Pegasus Fleet Players

Brief description of player rights and responsibilities.

Combine Section 4 with the PFA section in Section 1, two sections is redundant and much of the info is duplicated.

Article IV - Fleet Law Structure

Brief overview of fleet law.

Section 1 - The Constitution

Discuss the constitution and how it works.

Section 2 - By Laws

Discuss the by-laws and how they work.

Section 3 - Policies

Discuss the policies and how they work.

Section 4 - Standing Orders

Discuss standing orders and how they work.

Section 5 - Executive Orders

Discuss Executive orders and how they work.

Article V - Ammendments


No ammendments at this time.

Article VI - Adoption & Ratification

Description of adoption and ratitifacation