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This page has been adopted by the PFA as an official policy.

This version of the Constitution is being edited and is currently under construction. For the current active Constitution, please go here.

The following is the 11th Fleet Constitution; it and by-laws passed under its authority serve as a guide to Pegasus Fleet's membership.

Article I - Mission Statement

Revised Mission Statement, broader scope with clearer language.

Article II - Membership

Section 1 - Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Any individual interested in promoting the mission and purpose of Pegasus Fleet may become a member in accordance with the governance rules.

Section 2 - Membership Rights

  1. Pegasus Fleet shall have four classes of membership: Admiralty, Staff, Commanding Officers, and General Members (collectively, “Members”).
  2. All classes of membership are entitled to:
    1. Fair and equal protection under the governing rules of Pegasus Fleet.
    2. Due process and fair disciplinary procedures before being suspended or expelled.
    3. Mediation in the resolving of disputes.
    4. Access to all Pegasus Fleet governing rules, meeting minutes, reports, and resources except for any document containing confidential information which the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty has determined should be subject to restricted access for legal, operational, or policy reasons.
    5. Intellectual property and control over any characters, stories, or other resource materials they create for their own use.

Section 3 - Withdrawal of Membership

  1. Failure to abide by Pegasus Fleet governance rules may, in extreme cases, be grounds for removal of membership.
  2. Loss of membership shall be determined by the appropriate authority:
    1. For individual simulations, the Commanding Officer.
    2. For Commanding Officers, the Chief of Fleet Operations.
    3. For staff, the admiralty member responsible for their department.
    4. For the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, the Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer.
  3. Members being considered for disciplinary action are entitled to:
    1. Know the charges or rationale for disciplinary action against them.
    2. Provide an explanation for their actions and/or speak in their own defense.
    3. Appeal the disciplinary action in accordance with the governing rules.
  4. Grounds for automatic removal of membership include:
    1. Sexual harassment
    2. Racial slurs and hate speech
    3. Threats of violence
    4. {Reason TBD}

Section 4 - Non-Descrimination

  1. Pegasus Fleet shall not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, ability, or any other identifying characteristic.

Article III - Officers

Section 1 - Positions

  1. The officers of Pegasus Fleet shall be:
    1. Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer (PFCO)
    2. Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer (PFXO)
    3. Chief of Fleet Operations (CFOps)
    4. Pegasus Fleet Academy Commandant
    5. Pegasus Fleet Director of Resources (PFDR)
    6. Chief of Public Relations
    7. such other officers or staff the community shall deem necessary.

Section 2 - Duties

  1. The Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer (PFCO) is the executive and staff leader of Pegasus Fleet responsible for overseeing administration, strategic planning, and day-to-day operations.
  2. The Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer (PFXO) assists in overseeing administration, strategic planning, and day-to-day operations and shall temporarily assume the duties of the PFCO in the event of their absence.
  3. The Chief of Fleet Operations (CFOps) is responsible for overseeing member simulations within the task force structure.
  4. The Pegasus Fleet Academy Commandant is responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of the fleet academy and its programs.
  5. The Pegasus Fleet Director of Resources (PFDR) is responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of all fleet resource materials.
  6. The Chief of Public Relations is responsible for overseeing the fleet’s communications, recruitment, and relationships with other communities.

Section 3 - Additional Staff

  1. The Pegasus Fleet Admiralty shall have the power to create and define additional staff positions as needed.

Article IV - Organization

Section 1 - Task Forces

  1. All simulations will be supervised by the Chief of Fleet Operations.
  2. A Task Force (TF) shall be a smaller number of simulations grouped together under the supervision of a Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO).
  3. Task Forces shall be created and modified by means of by-law.

Section 2 - Departments

  1. {Content TBD}

Section 3 - Pegasus Fleet Admiralty

  1. The operations of Pegasus Fleet shall be overseen by the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.
  2. Membership of the Admiralty shall include the officers so designated in Article IV.A.
  3. The Admiralty may delegate some of its powers to committees established by by-law.

Article V - Rights and Responsibilities

General description of section.

Section 1 - Pegasus Fleet Admiralty

Brief description of Admiralty rights and responsibilities.

Section 2 - Pegasus Fleet Staff

Brief description of Staff rights and responsibilities.

Section 3 - Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officers

Brief description of CO rights and responsibilities.

Section 4 - Pegasus Fleet Players

Brief description of player rights and responsibilities.

Combine Section 4 with the PFA section in Section 1, two sections is redundant and much of the info is duplicated.

Article VI - Fleet Law Structure

Brief overview of fleet law.

Section 1 - The Constitution

Discuss the constitution and how it works.

Section 2 - By Laws

Discuss the by-laws and how they work.

Section 3 - Policies

Discuss the policies and how they work.

Section 4 - Standing Orders

Discuss standing orders and how they work.

Section 5 - Executive Orders

Discuss Executive orders and how they work.

Article VII - Ammendments


No ammendments at this time.

Article VIII - Adoption & Ratification

Description of adoption and ratitifacation