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  • Though Cestus III has no natural satellites in the form of moons or planetary rings, various man-made satellites have been placed into its orbit over the ...the surface. Constructed to take over the duties taken on by the asteroid base, Starbase 48's primary role in the system is to coordinate all inbound and
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  • the '''Federation''') is an interstellar federal republic, composed of planetary governments that have agreed to exist semi-autonomously under a single cent ...actic South. The 11th "Pegasus" Fleet was sent to the Galactic South, its base of operations on Cestus III while the 7th Fleet was based at Deep Space 5 i
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  • ...tirely up to the ruling monarch, it is most often an entire planet or even planetary system within the Nevarran Cluster. ...against marauding parties which have over the years attempted to obtain a base of operations in the dense region. Due to the density of the cluster, Nevar
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  • ...tlement, and a [[Bajoran]] colony. It is also the home to Ft Patton Marine Base and Training Camp. It has three major continents, one northern, two souther |Type= Planetary Starbase
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  • ...incorporated into the main three tribes, meaning an ever-expanding skills base was available. Due to the planetary geography of Phaan Prime, the Phoenicians built stunning galleons to ply th
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  • [[Image:Hydaransz_System1A.png|thumb|left| Planet/Base Breakdown]] * '''Hydaransz Outer Asteroid Belt:''' Location of Large Pirate Base also Asteroid field contains confirmed Neutronium.
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  • ...the aid of Ja'rod, a Klingon at the colony, the Romulan ships disabled the planetary defenses and initiated a massive orbital strike against the colony, resulti ...s as staging areas for operations and the vessels provide security for the base. The two main categories of starbases--whether spaceborne or planetside--a
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  • ..., creating a literal firefall. Some of the magma spreads and cools at the base of the cliff, but most of it seeps back into the cracks in the ground to si ...that geologists say that Romii existed 5.3 billion years ago when another planetary body, which was sixty percent Romii's size and in retrograde orbit, collide
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  • ...naged to stop her. Dellas and her entire team were killed, and the planet base destroyed, keeping it beyond the reach of any power. ...the place of the murdered chairman, led the Tal Shiar to securing a power base in the new government that was struggling to form. However, after the deat
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  • ...ery bit of alien technology that had been put into her into the technology base of the Federation and Star Fleet. ...ka Earth Spacedock); a planetary surface facility or a combination of both planetary surface and orbital structure(s) such as Starbase 11.
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  • |role= [[Planetary Base]] {{Planetary Base Specs}}
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  • |role= [[Planetary Outpost]] {{Planetary Base Specs}}
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  • |name= Oberon Base |Role= Planetary Research Base
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  • *[[Mayflower-class Planetary Base|''Mayflower''-class Planetary Base]] *[[Curie-class Planetary Outpost|''Curie''-class Planetary Outpost]]
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