Starbase 519

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Starbase 519
Technical Details
Class: Nor-class
Registry: SB-519
Role: Starbase
Status: Mothballed
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Carolyne Hall
Executive Officer: Commander Jaine Shipwood
Second Officer: Lieutenant Kasan Kel
Dedication Plaque
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Starbase Pioneer (SB 519) is a Nor Class Starbase commissioned in 2387 under the command of Captain Carolyne Hall.


Cardassian Era

In 2368, the construction of Jerok Nor which would later become Starbase Pioneer commenced. Dur to the lack of funds and several sabotage attempts, construction was put on hold. In 2372 after a four year hiatus, construction of the inner areas of the station commenced. The Cardassians commissioned the station as a border defense outpost. In order save resources, the Cardassians began to use slave labor bought from the Orion Syndicate as early as the fall of 2372.

After Klingon-Cardassian War (2372-2373), the Cardassian Central Command was replaced by the civilian Depata Council. In order to focus on domestic affairs, the Depata Council cut funding to defense including station construction. Before the Cardassians abandoned the station, they destroyed much of the incomplete docking pylon alpha. One of the guards, Glinn Katar perpetrated the murder of one of the human slaves and sealed him into a bulkhead in the Central Core (Entombed in Metal).

Early Starfleet Era

Late in 2387, as part of a territory cede, the Cardassian government handed over the incomplete Jerok Nor to the Federation. By early 2388, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers (S.C.E.) completed much of the central core of the station and handed over operations to Starfleet. A month later, Starfleet Operations selected personnel to crew the station and selected Captain Carolyne Hall, commanding officer of the U.S.S. Republic as her commander.

In The Beginning

Upon the crew's arrival to Starbase 519, by then given the name Pioneer, the central power core had been activated. Apart from the first few decks, the station was uninhabitable. In order to fill her skeleton crew, Captain Hall pulled in a few favors and slected a group of one hundred cadets. As her executive Officer, Captain Hall selected Lieutenant Ezekiel Anderson, an experienced operations and engineering officer who was serving as the Chief Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Zeus (NCC-69425-A).

Construction of the starbase progressed slowly as materials and manpower were a premium. After a month of construction, Captain Hall received a communication from Rear Admiral James Fletcher, who was recently rescued from the Dominion by the Zeus. The Admiral stated that he would be arriving on the station in a week on an inspection tour and making the station his flagbase. In addition to his arrival, he brought the U.S.S. Independence, a Diligent class starship, which would be attached to the station and a full engineering staff.

During a night off duty, Cadet Mitchell Hall, Captain Hall's nephew, entangled himself in a criminal organization headed by Massimiliano Lombardi which was operating a drug distribution center on the Promenade.

After the trial, the U.S.S. Da Vinci, a S.C.E. ship arrived at the station to assist in the construction. Spearheading this operation was Ensign Terry Dorn, Assistant Chief Operations Officer and Cadet Hall. Upon returning to duty, Cadet Hall was placed in charge of completing section Alpha and Beta of the Habitat ring with Ensign Dorn and the crew of the Da Vinci to construct the other half. Within a few weeks, the entirety of the habitat ring was completed (In The Beginning).


Map of the space surrounding the Pioneer System
Starbase 519 is situated in sector grid H9, Sector Quad, Sector Block 155, 18, also known as the Pioneer system which is located in the middle of the Badlands in the Alpha Quadrant. The Cardassian designation for the system is the Jerok system, named after Jerok Nor, the original designation for Starbase Pioneer. The Pioneer system is approximately 4520 AUs north west of the Cardassian System.

Pioneer System

Map of the Pioneer System
The Pioneer System located near the Badlands is centered around the Class B star Pioneer. The Pioneer System contains three planets, Pioneer I, Pioneer II & Pioneer III. Pioneer I is a class C planet, Pioneer II is a class M planet and Pioneer III is a class J planet. Pioneer II is the home of a pre-warp race known as the Catoians.

Significant Contacts

First Contacts

Crew Manifest

Commanding Officer Chall.jpg

Captain Carolyne Hall
First Officer Image Pending.png

Commander Jaine Shipwood
Second Officer Image Pending.png

Lieutenant Kasan Kel
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer Image Pending.png

Position Vacant
Security and Tactical
Chief of Security Image Pending.png

Lieutenant JG T'Shenn
Operations & Engineering
Chief Operations Officer Image Pending.png

Lieutenant Kelly Ruyter (PNPC)
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Mhallensign.png

Ensign Mitchell Hall (PNPC)
Chief Science Officer Image Pending.png

Lieutenant Kasan Kel
Medical and Counselling
Chief Medical Officer Image Pending.png

Position Vacant
Chief Counsellor Image Pending.png

Position Vacant
Chief Intelligence Officer DMurdoc.png

Lieutenant Commander David Murdoc
Squadron 15 "The Trailblazers"
Squadron Commander Image Pending.png

Ensign Oliver Vinn
Bartender Image Pending.png

Tevin ch'Shetsh
Civilian Image Pending.png

Nicayla O'Dell

Starbase 519 Mission Log

Starbase 519 Missions by Season
Season 1 – 2388 to Present In The BeginningEntombed In MetalPioneer II

Starbase 519 Missions by Type
Main Missions In The BeginningEntombed In MetalPioneer II
Shoreleave Missions A Much Needed Rest
Planned Missions Into The Unknown
Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions None
Guest Appearances None

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