Talm Aleint-Um

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Talm Aleint-Um MD
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Physical Description

7' 0"


72 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Medical Officer

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"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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Lieutenant JG Talm Aleint-Um MD is a Starfleet medical officer, currently assigned to the USS Endeavour

As an Aurelian, Aleint-Um has a distinct avian-humanoid appearance, with his feathered fur coloured in varying shades of brown, with a rather intricate pattern running through it in a lighter creamy-brown colour. He is significantly taller than most humanoids, which forces him to bend down when passing through standard doorways on Federation starships, and he has his coming-of-age tattoo on the left side of his beak, depicting his family and clan, along with the date at which he attained his maturity.

Whilst most Aurelians prefer not to wear clothing - their bodily fur/feathers provide adequate coverage - Aleint-Um has chosen to don a specifically adapted Starfleet uniform, with the medical sciences collar, for two reasons; firstly, it is because he understands that both his appearance and relative implied nakedness cna sometimes have an unsettling effect on some patients and the nature of his work requires he minimise that effect, and secondly because the fabric, however uncomfortable it may be, prevents any of his feathers from malting, and falling onto patients during periods where cleanliness and sterilisation would be necessary. The uniform is tailored in such a way as to allow his wings to be free of the fabric.

Personal Life

Like most of his people, Aleint-Um is a curious, inquisitive individual, and it is this such trait that led him to seek a career in the medicinal discipline. He is fascinated by the way the body works, and in his spare time studies the long-term effects of evolution on a species, inspired by his own knowledge his his world's history, where the Aurelians evolved from flocks of migrating birds. He is most intrigued by the seeming fact that - in this galaxy, at least - humanoid forms seem to be the most optimal for the majority of worlds, as humanoids made up the vast population of the Federation, and that his own species evolved to take on a more humanoid form.

It is considered a strength in Aleint-Um's own eyes that he can recite his family and his tribe's history from memory. His species have a strong tradition of retaining information and passing it on orally, and so he has a very good memory for things that he is told. He has fantastic eye sight, and is a very fast learner, but his species have a very poor overall hearing quality.

His wings allow him to glide for a period of time, but he cannot sustain manual flight for more than a few minutes at a time, due to the stresses that a heavier evolutionary form have put upon the Aurelian's wings.

Aleint-Um wishes to one day return to his tribe with a plethora of additional knowledge and experience in the medical field to add to his tribe, enriching it with his membership of it.