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==Current Task Forces==
==Current Task Forces==
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{| cellpadding="4" style="text-align:left; background-color: transparent;"
  | align="center" width="110px" | [[File:TF11.png|link=Task Force 11|100px]]
  | align="center" width="210px" | [[File:TF11.png|link=Task Force 11|200px]]
  | width="150px" "| [[Task Force 11]]<br />The Galactic South<br /><br />
  | width="150px" "| [[Task Force 11]]<br />The Galactic South<br /><br />

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A Task Force is the primary organisational unit used within the various numbered fleets of Starfleet. All starships and starbases within the 11th Fleet are assigned to a Task Force, and each Task Force is lead by a Task Force Commanding Officer, who hold a rank typically of Commodore or higher and usually command up to two dozen starships and starbases of various classes. A Task Force Commanding Officer is considered senior to all personnel within their Task Force, and can often issue orders directly to the captains under their organisation.

Within the 11th Fleet, Task Force Commanding Officers hold a seat on the Fleet Admiralty, and assist in the decision-making and deliberating process, bringing the views and concerns of the operational officers in the field to the table.

Task Forces are often split into Task Groups led by a Task Group Commanding Officer, in order to delegate the authority and responsibility out, rather than placing the full responsibility solely on the Task Force Commanding Officer's shoulders. A Task Force can include additional staff officers at the Task Force Commanding Officer's discretion, with approval from the Admiralty.

Current Task Forces

TF11.png Task Force 11
The Galactic South

Closed Task Forces

TF44.png Task Force 44
The Core Sectors

100px Task Force 13
"Warehouse 13"
(Converted to Niche Task Group)