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===Task Force CO History===
===Task Force CO History===
* [[Commodore]] [[John Thompson]]: 2389 - Present.
[[Image:R-a1.png]] &nbsp; '''[[Commodore]] [[John Thompson]] - 2389-Present'''<br />

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Task Force 44 is an organizational structure within the 11th Fleet, assigned to the Federation Core Sectors between Cardassia, the Romulan Neutral Zone and the Klingon Empire.

Task Force Commanding Officer R-a1.png Position Vacant
Task Group "Phoenix" Commanding Officer R-blank.png VACANT
Task Group "Hydra" Commanding Officer (Acting) R-o6.png Template:TG44BCO



Task Force CO History

R-a1.png   Commodore John Thompson - 2389-Present

Task Force 44
Active Vessels of TF44
Active Bases of TF44
Major Species/Locations Cardassian UnionKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireTzenkethi CoalitionTholian Assembly