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[ Source ]

This template's source code and style was originally created by the authors of the Bravo Fleet Wiki
|Name= Name of the planet
|ImageOrbital= Orbital image of the planet
|ImageSurface= Surface image of the planet. Field is optional
|Caption= Caption for surface image. Field is optional
|Class= Planetary class, i.e. Class-M or Class-Y. Leave blank if not known. Field is optional
|Type= Type of object, i.e. planet, planetoid, etc. Field is optional
|Status= Status of the planet. Use only if "destroyed", etc.
|Satellites= Name of natural satellites. Leave blank if not known.
|Circumference= Circumference of planet
|Gravity= Gravity on planet comparative to Earth Sea-Level
|Landmass= Percentage of surface that is land
|Day= Length of a standard day (as compared to Earth Standard)
|Native= List of species native to the planet. If none or unknown, leave blank.
|Location= Name of planetary system followed by Galactic Quadrant planet is in.
|Affiliation= Organisation this planet is affiliated with. If not known leave blank. Field is optional