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|Status=Operational/Waiting for Crew/Mothballed, etc
|Status=Operational/Waiting for Crew/Mothballed, etc
|Decommission=Leave blank if still an active ship
|Decommission=Leave blank if still an active ship
|TF=[[Task Force 11]]
|TG=Argonaut/Warehouse 13
|TGCO={{TG11ACO}} - replace the 'A' with '13', as applicable to the Task Group
|CO=[[Rank]] [[Character Name]]
|CO=[[Rank]] [[Character Name]]
|XO=[[Rank]] [[Character Name]]
|XO=[[Rank]] [[Character Name]]

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USS ShipName
Technical Details
Class: ShipClass-class
Registry: NCC-XXXXX
Role: Ship Role
Status: Operational/Waiting for Crew/Mothballed, etc
Date of Decommission: Leave blank if still an active ship
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Rank Character Name
Executive Officer: Rank Character Name
Second Officer: Rank Character Name
Dedication Plaque
[ Source ]

Introduction blurb


Construction and Launch

Information on the construction and launch history

In Service

Information on the in-service history

Significant Contacts

First Contacts


Information on the makeup and/or history of the crew compliment

Command Crew

USS Ship Name Mission Log

USS Ship Name Missions by Season
Season 1 – Year to Year Mission 1Mission 2
Season 2 - Year to Year Mission 1Mission 2

USS Ship Name Missions by Type
Main Missions Mission 1Mission 2
Shoreleave Missions Mission 1
Planned Missions Mission 1Mission 2
Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions None
Guest Appearances None

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