USS Asger

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USS Asger
Technical Details
Class: Norway-class
Registry: NCC-39415
Role: Medium-Range Exploration & Diplomatic Vessel
Status: Active
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Keith Anderson
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Sebell Briggs
Second Officer: Not Assigned
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The Federation Starship USS Asger is a Norway-class Vessel within the 11th Fleet known to Starfleet as Pegasus Fleet under the Command of Commander Keith Anderson and Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Sebell Briggs.

USS Asger Current Status

SHIELDS Not Active

The crew of the USS Asger is currently en route to Aldere IV and Everbright Colony to investigate strange occurrences around the colony.

An alarming message was received. A research scientists named Caleb Ibanez attempted to reach out and notify the Asger that something was wrong in the colony (KEY POST) but his communique was cut short in what appeared to be some sort of conflict. The mood on the ship is tense and rumors spread and speculation abounds on the meaning and purpose of the message.

USS Asger Personnel

Commanding Officer R-o5.png
Keith Anderson
First Officer R-o4.png
Sebell Briggs
First Officer R-e7.png
Alexi Briggs NPC
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer R-o1.png
Erik Vargesson
Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer R-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Security and Tactical
Chief Sec/Tac Officer Y-o3.png
Vic Hebron
Asst. Chief Sec/Tac Officer Y-o1.png
Brianna Ceallaigh NPC
Asst. Chief Sec/Tac Officer Y-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Chief Operations Officer Y-o3.png
Valeria Mordin
Asst. Chief Operations Officer Y-o1.png
Nirrti Samedi NPC
Asst. Chief Operations Officer Y-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Chief Engineering Officer Y-o3.png
Corrinne Haught
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer Y-o3.png
Hel Samedi
Chief Science Officer T-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Asst. Chief Science Officer T-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Stellar Cartographer T-o2.png
Arrek Duhrat NPC

Medical and Counselling
Chief Medical Officer T-o3.png
Nimeeh Vixil
Chief Counselor T-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Counselor T-o2.png
T'Shani NPC
Counselor T-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Head Nurse T-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Marine Commanding Officer G-o2.png
William Vanek
Marine Executive Officer G-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
First Sergeant G-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Marine G-blank.png
Position Open - Apply Now!
Diplomatic Detachment
Chief Diplomatic Officer V-o3.png
Marcel Moreau NPC
Diplomatic Liaison V-e5.png
Dina Vossiborn NPC


Commissioned in 2392, the USS Asger is a Norway-class like no other. Completely refit and upgraded with heavier weapons, stronger armor, advanced shielding systems, and an upgraded computer core, she's far beyond what you'd expect from another ship in the same class. Starfleet Command commissioned her with an idea in mind: A rapid response ship to serve in the galactic south, in areas where Starfleet's presence in thinner and the law has gotten blurred or forgotten entirely.

Once the ship was designed and built, Starfleet Command hand picked the best and brightest to crew her, ensuring that no matter what happens: The USS Asger is ready for action.

Mission History

Mission Listing
Asger - Spear of the Gods The USS Asger is fresh out of dry dock and awaiting her crew to arrive at Starbase 36 for departure to the Galactic South.
Everbright Colony The USS Asger is sent to a small colony known as Everbright on a quiet little world known as Aldere IV. The locals have reported some mysterious happenings with the crops and the local woodlands. Starfleet command suspects some sort of local wildlife is the culprit.
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