USS Astraea

USS Astraea
Technical Details
Class: Akira-class
Registry: NCC-80895
Role: Cruiser
Status: Operational
Task Force: Task Force 56
Task Force CO: Rear Admiral Niamh Devane
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Abigail Laurens
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Ichiko Gail
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The USS Astraea (NCC-80895) is a 24th century Federation Akira-class starship operated by Starfleet and assigned to the Eleventh Fleet. The Astraea is currently under the command of Commander Abigail Laurens.


Construction & Launch

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Active Service

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Significant Contacts

First Contacts

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Commanding Officers

Abigail Laurens (2393-Present)

Commander Abigail Laurens is the first and only individual to serve as commanding officer of the Astraea. She assumed command upon the vessel's completion in 2393. Dedicated and ever-striving, Laurens is determined to do things well, a trait which has significantly shaped her leadership of the Astraea and its crew.

Command Crew

For a full listing of Astraea crew past and present, see USS Astraea Personnel.




Background Information

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