USS Eagle

USS Eagle
Technical Details
Class: Sentinel-class
Registry: NCC-83704
Role: Corvette
Status: Operational
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Mark Anderson
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Danica Johansson
Second Officer: Lt. Commander David Deschanel
Dedication Plaque
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The USS Eagle (NCC-83704) is a 24th century Federation Sentinel-class starship operated by Starfleet and assigned to the Eleventh Fleet. The Eagle is currently under the command of Captain Mark Anderson.


Construction & Launch

The Eagle was laid down in late 2386 in orbit above Utopia Planetia, Mars by the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. She was one of three Sentinel-class starships undergoing construction at the time with Commander Kaleb Porter serving as project supervisor. By early January of the following year, the Eagle was ready to begin her first warp stress tests under computer control. The results proved so successful that they exceeded the expectations of yard supervisors and construction continued at a steady pace.

Eventually, the Eagle was transferred to McKinley Station in orbit of Earth where she began final preparations for commissioning and launch. It was around this time that Starfleet Command officially tapped Commander Mark Anderson, a veteran of the Dominion War and former executive officer of the Houston, to receive command. Anderson immediately began the process of reviewing candidates for several senior staff positions while working closely with Commander Porter to oversee the final stages of the Eagle's construction.

Starfleet officially commissioned the Eagle on 1 March 2387. She embarked on her shakedown cruise shortly thereafter, observed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and once again outperformed expectations. Upon returning to McKinley Station, the Eagle took on final crew and supplies before departing for her first assignment along the Tholian border.

Active Service




Significant Contacts

First Contacts

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Commanding Officers

Mark Anderson (2387-Present)

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Command Crew

For a full listing of Eagle crew past and present, see USS Eagle personnel.




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