USS Endeavour

USS Endeavour
Technical Details
Class: Sovereign-class
Registry: NCC-86105
Role: Ship-of-the-Line
Status: Listed Destroyed (2390)
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
Executive Officer: Commander Gaius Ra-Xialii
Dedication Plaque
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The USS Endeavour (NCC-86105) was a Sovereign-class starship commissioned in 2386 under the command of Captain Benjamin J. Byrne. She was the third starship to bear the name, though the three ships were not named after each other, but rather the Earth NASA space shuttle of the 20th and 21st Centuries and as such do not share a registry number. The ship was one of the first to be assigned to Admiral Sanchez's newly reformed 11th Fleet, and only the second Federation starship to have contact with the Metrons, after the USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk.


Construction and Launch

Originally designed to combat the threat of the Borg and the Dominion, the Sovereign-class was built to include all of the latest advancements in offensive and defensive technologies. She proved she was worth the effort, with the USS Enterprise-E helping to defeat the Borg in the Battle of Sector 001, and the Dominion War won with the help of the powerful warhorses.

Now the Federation is at peace once again, but the Sovereign class starships still have a purpose to serve. As a magnificent achievement of Federation engineering, and a powerful assurance of safety in supreme firepower and shielding, they serve as a powerful symbol to bring back the confidence and sense of security the Federation's citizens had lost in recent years.

That is why Sovereign class starships are still being produced today, and the USS Endeavour is one of the latest of all of them. Named after the ancient sailing ship of the Royal Navy on Earth and the NASA space shuttle that followed it, the Endeavour is the third Starfleet ship to bear the name, though each has its own individual registry number. Assigned to the Eleventh Fleet and captained by Commander Benjamin Byrne, the Endeavour was launched in 2386, and has one of the widest mission profiles of any ship in the fleet, giving her also one of the most public profiles of the ships in the fleet, with the hopes that it can complete the critical mission that the Sovereign class starships now bear on their shoulders.

In Service

After final construction and testing was completed, the USS Endeavour was ordered to travel direct from San Francisco Fleet Yards in orbit of Earth to Cestus III at maximum warp to report to Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez for the ship's first mission. (They Arrive on Tuesday...)

The Metron Consortium had contacted the starbase at Cestus, and had expressed an interest for official contact with the Federation, though they had only supplied a set of coordinates and a timeframe for the meeting. Eager for diplomatic relations with such an advanced race, Starfleet decided that the Endeavour would be sent, as the starship assigned to the 11th Fleet operating out of Cestus with the most substantial diplomatic facilities, and the ship's crew were given only a short amount of leave time after their long journey from Sol before they set off again - this time with the Admiral himself onboard for the mission.

The Metrons had planned a test for the crew of the ship, which sent them to a distant galaxy, and directly into the crossfire of two species at war with each other, and very violently opposed to coming towards the peace table. Though the crew was successful in concluding the exact test the Metrons set out for them - begin to bring a peaceful end to the conflict - they were deemed to have failed by the Metrons, as they were not able to do so without the first talk breaking into violence between the two warring parties. Though humanity and the Federation were determined to the Metrons to still be a barbaric people, Admiral Sanchez retorted that it was the Metrons who had been barbaric in this instance, in the sheer nature of the test they implemented. (Metronian Diplomacy)

After a short stop over at Starbase 332, the vessel was assigned to show the flag of the Federation within the Archa Sector - a powerful, multi-role craft like the Sovereign-class was ideally suited to displaying to all groups - friendly, neutral and hostile alike - that Starfleet was still present in the region, and actively looking after the interests of its member and protectorate worlds in the Galactic South.

Shortly following this assignment, the ship was sent on a diplomatic run to the Nevarran homeworld with two Federation diplomats in order to facilitate the final negotiations and signing of the first major trade agreement with the Kingdom and any outside world in over two hundred years. The vessel's captain was able to uncover a long-hidden and forgotten chamber deep beneath the planet's archives which contained data regarding what the Nevarrans call their 'dark ages', where few known records had been found. (Kingdom Come)

Following a brief layover at Starbase 218, the Endeavour proceeded towards the farthest reaches of Federation territory, meeting up briefly with the ship that Byrne had previously been first officer of, the Antarctic. During the course of the Endeavour's patrol along the Federation border, the ship detected faint energy readings which failed to match signatures on file for any of the galaxy's known organisations. The signal was coming from neutral space near the Tholian border, and Byrne ordered a course change to investigate. At the source of the signal, the crew discovered an ancient space station, abandoned for thousands of years. Following the first reconnaissance away team to the station, the Endeavour began to beam over more personnel in an attempt to get the station's core systems and the computer library functional. After receiving word of the starship's discovery and the reports on the kind of technology the station was constructed with, Starfleet Command ordered Byrne to take command of the station until a replacement could be sent, and redesignated it Deep Space 19. (Old Relics)

Over the course of the next few months, the crew struggled with the systems of the station and the in-built security protocols from its creators, as well as an oncoming attack from a small Tholian battle group, intent on removing the Starfleet personnel or destroying the station in order to prevent what they believed to be a Federation attempt to flank their territory. Byrne was able to arrange a temporary renegotiation of the territorial treaty the Tholians held with the Federation, refitting sections to be habitable to the Tholians and enabling them to participate in a joint scientific venture to discover more about the station and its creators. Starfleet also tasked the Antarctic to provide aide to the station's crew in their efforts. Captain Byrne was eventually relieved by Captain Archbald, though a number of his senior staff were requested to remain on the station as the Endeavour left; amongst them his newest first officer and his chief engineer. (Deep Space 19) (Divisions)

Ordered to return to Cestus III, the Endeavour's crew were able to enjoy a bit of downtime during the journey, and were granted a brief shoreleave on the planet's surface whilst Byrne received new orders to proceed into the corridor of contested space between the Klingon Empire and the Gorn Hegemony, working with the USS Catalunya and USS Jesop to act as a deterrent in the region and to prevent the Cold War between the two races developing into open conflict. During the course of their first month on patrol, the Endeavour was able to recover the survivors of the USS Tomahawk; destroyed in the area whilst investigating rumours of a third party working to stoke the fires of the conflict. It was through knowledge held by the ship's first officer and surviving command officer, Commander Nikiri, that the Endeavour was able to discover a facility in the Gamma Firaxa star system run by T'Marl to supply weapons and incite provocation to both the Klingon and Gorn sides of the zone, in an attempt to destabilise the system for her own ends. The crew were able to destroy the facility and report what they had found to the Klingon High Council, but T'Marl was able to escape. (Klingons on the Starboard Bow)

Presumed Destruction

Shortly after returning to neutral space to continue their patrol, the Endeavour detected a distress call coming from a private research station called Hyperion. Moving to investigate, the crew discovered that the team at Hyperion had been working on a new prototype starship engine, which they had lost the signal of whilst running a test on the prototype vessel. It soon became apparent that the vessel had been intercepted by a Borg Cube, operating on its own after having its link severed from the Collective as a result of Admiral and Captain Janeway's pathogen. The Cube attacked the station, and the Endeavour was forced to evacuate its occupants.

Captain Byrne personally led an away team to attempt to destroy the Borg vessel and the prototype engine it now carried, but both he and Lieutenant Kessel were assimilated, and the remaining away team members were forced to retreat. (Remnant Part I)

The crew of the Endeavour were able to rescue both officers and, though it cost the sacrifice of two more officers, destroy the cube with detonation charges. Though the crew were successful in destroying the Cube, they were set upon by T'Marl, who had been drawn to their location by the energy signatures of the battle. Opening fire on the already crippled ship, she forced Byrne to order the crew to evacuate, whilst he stayed behind to buy them time. He was able to damage T'Marl's sensor array to prevent her from picking up the escape pods, but was almost destroyed by a torpedo of T'Marl's which would have hit his ship at the same moment. Byrne was able to initiate a short warp jump just prior to the explosion, which saved his life and saved the ship, but it appeared to his crew as though the ship had been destroyed.

T'Marl was able to locate and recover the Endeavour, and place Byrne himself into stasis. Starfleet has listed the ship as destroyed in combat, and T'Marl has taken it to an unknown location. (Remnant Part II)

Significant Contacts

First Contacts

  • Telepathic Bug Life Forms, 2387 (Semi-sentient, aggressive life form) (Bug-Eyed Bogies)

USS Endeavour Mission Log

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Miscellaneous Missions Character Background

Crew Manifest

Command Previously
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
First Officer R-o5.png Commander Gaius Ra-Xialii
  • Lt. Commander Mark Anderson
  • Lt. Commander Hannah Edroski
  • Prov. Lt. Commander Narayn Ballard
  • Commander Jaeih Andorzai
  • Contact Specialist T-o2.png Lieutenant JG Nessa Jenarian
  • Ensign R'cher
  • Lieutenant JG Maeik Gaius (PNPC)
  • Captain's Yeoman R-e5.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Sophie Blaise (PNPC)
    Flight Control Previously
    Chief Flight Control Officer R-o3.png Lieutenant Horatio Hawke
  • Lieutenant JG David Solomon
  • Lieutenant JG Mykel Owen
  • Lieutenant Markus Rubens (PNPC, Acting)
  • Ensign Jack Lynch
  • Security and Tactical Previously
    Chief of Security Y-o3.png Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre
  • Lieutenant Lyon Winters
  • Lieutenant Lianna Vanders
  • Lieutenant JG Charlie Hamilton
  • Lieutenant JG Dylan Tyler
  • Lieutenant JG Michael Watters
  • Lieutenant Regana Madrat (NPC)
  • Lieutenant Mattias Zekkstrom
  • Lieutenant Tettly Biggs
  • Assistant Chief of Security Y-o2.png Lieutenant Olivier Thiffault (NPC)
    Security Officer Y-o2.png Lieutenant JG Zam Stott (PNPC)
    Brig Officer Y-e5.png Petty Officer 2nd Clas Charles Rhodes (NPC)

    Operations Previously
    Chief Operations Officer Y-o2.png Lieutenant JG Patok Malroon
  • Ensign R'cher
  • Lieutenant JG Elizabeth Jones
  • Operations Officer Y-o1.png Ensign Lhamepha Kitonuh (PNPC)
    Engineering Previously
    Chief Engineer Y-o2.png Lieutenant JG Ethan Kessel
  • Lieutenant Kinu Au'beck (PNPC)
  • Lieutenant Brendan Dernah
  • Lieutenant JG Elizabeth Jones
  • Lt. Commander Linom Dekur
  • Lt. Commander Aeitos th'Ralik (PNPC)
  • Engineer Y-o1.png Ensign Amkreth (NPC)
  • Lieutenant Andrew Scott
  • Computer Systems Specialist Y-e6.png Petty Officer 1st Class Mizatan Fij (PNPC)
    Science Previously
    Chief Science Officer T-o2.png Lieutenant JG Nessa Jenarian
  • Lieutenant JG Nessa Jenarian
  • Lieutenant Lonnoc Keldan (NPC)
  • Lieutenant JG Elisabette Souda
  • Geologist T-o1.png Ensign K'tan Jur (PNPC)
    Medical and Counselling Previously
    Chief Medical Officer T-o3.png Lieutenant Rose Cooper
  • Lieutenant Chihiro Ogino
  • Lieutenant Commander Martin Rackham (NPC)
  • Lieutenant Kalin Jerome
  • Medical Officer T-o2.png Lieutenant JG Talm Aleint-Um MD (PNPC)
    Emergency Medical Hologram T-blank.png EMH Mark IX "Nina" (NPC)
    Captain's Wife W-blank.png Sarah Byrne (PNPC)
    Captain's Son W-blank.png Jacob Byrne (PNPC)

    Previous Crew

    Previous crew not listed above:
  • Lieutenant Sampson Foster, Second Officer & Chief Counselor
  • Lieutenant Lyon Winters, Second Officer & Chief of Security
  • Lieutenant Commander Linom Dekur, Second Officer & Chief Engineer
  • Ensign R'cher, Constact Specialist & Chief Operations Officer
  • Lieutenant JG Maeik Gaius (PNPC), Contact Specialist, Archaeologist
  • Ensign Donald Bertram, Assistant Chief of Security
  • Lieutenant JG Aurora Foster, Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Warrant Officer Kai Tsenzori, Engineer's Mate
  • Ensign Evelyn Sol, Chief Counselor
  • Ensign Mathew Sinclair, Medical Officer
  • Warrant Officer Angie Hathaway, Head Nurse
  • Endeavour Legacy

    HMS Endeavour
    HMS Endeavour.png

    Bark class
    Affiliation: Royal Navy
    Commissioned: 1768
    Decommissioned: 1774
    Length: 32m
    Max. speed: 8 knots
    Crew Compliment: 94
    Commanded by: Lt. James Cook

    Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105
    Shuttle Endeavour.png

    Space Shuttle class
    Affiliation: NASA
    Commissioned: 1991
    Decommissioned: 2011
    Length: 56.1m
    Commanded by: Numerous


    HMS Endeavour, also known as HM Bark Endeavour, was a Royal Navy research vessel commanded by Lieutenant James Cook on his first voyage of discovery, to Australia and New Zealand from 1769 to 1771. She narrowly avoided disaster after running aground on the Great Barrier Reef, and was beached on the mainland for seven weeks to permit rudimentary repairs to her hull. On 10 October 1770, she limped into port in Batavia in the Dutch East Indies for more substantial repairs, her crew sworn to secrecy about the lands they had discovered. She resumed her westward journey on 26 December, rounded the Cape of Good Hope on 13 March 1771, and reached the English port of Dover on 12 July, having been at sea for nearly three years.

    Largely forgotten after her epic voyage, Endeavour spent the next three years shipping Navy stores to the Falkland Islands. Renamed and sold into private hands in 1775, she briefly returned to naval service as a troop transport during the American Revolutionary War and was scuttled in a blockade of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island in 1778. Her wreck has not been precisely located, but relics including six of her cannons and an anchor are displayed at maritime museums worldwide. A replica of Endeavour was launched in 1994 and was berthed alongside the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney Harbour during the 21st Century.


    Space Shuttle Endeavour (Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-105) was one of three operational orbiters in the Space Shuttle fleet of NASA, the space agency of the United States, during the early years of the 21st Century. (The other two were Discovery and Atlantis) Endeavour was the fifth spaceworthy NASA space shuttle to be built, constructed as a replacement for Challenger, which was destroyed in a tragic accident. Endeavour first flew in May 1992 on mission STS-49 and was decommissioned in 2011.

    Endeavour NX-06
    Endeavour NX-06.png

    NX class
    Affiliation: United Earth Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2156
    Decommissioned: Unknown
    Length: 225m
    Deck count: 7
    Max. speed: Warp 5.2
    Crew Compliment: 83
    Commanded by: Capt. Shea / Capt. S. Reynard

    USS Endeavour NCC-1895
    Endeavour NCC-1895.png

    Constitution-refit class
    Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2277
    Decommissioned: 2295
    Length: 305m
    Deck count: 21
    Max. speed: Warp 6 (Old scale)
    Crew Compliment: 300
    Commanded by: Capt. D. Wise


    The Endeavour (NX-06) was an NX-class starship in the 22nd century. It was completed sometime in 2156 alongside the Atlantis and put under the command of Captain Shea. The Endeavour had several software improvements that allowed it more protection against attempts by the Romulans to remotely take over the ship. During the the battle of Altair VI, the Endeavour's portside hull plating was melted off through the use of nuclear weapons. During the battle, Commander Goldser was killed


    The USS Endeavour (NCC-1895) was a Federation starship in service in the late 23rd century.

    The Endeavour was on a deep space exploration mission near Klingon territory in 2293. This ship, along with the USS Ahwahnee and the USS Emden, was selected as additional support for Operation Retrieve, which would have rescued Captain James Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy from Rura Penthe.

    USS Endeavour NCC-71805
    Endeavour NCC-71805.png

    Nebula class
    Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2364
    Decommissioned: 2383
    Length: 442m
    Deck count: 35
    Max. speed: Warp 9
    Crew Compliment: 680
    Commanded by: Capt. Amasov

    USS Endeavour NCC-86105
    Endeavour NCC-86105.png

    Sovereign class
    Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
    Commissioned: 2386
    Length: 685m
    Deck count: 24
    Max. speed: Warp 9.7
    Crew Compliment: 855
    Commanded by: Capt. Benjamin James Byrne


    The USS Endeavour (NCC-71805) was a Federation starship that was in service during the late 24th century.

    In 2368 the Endeavour was assigned to the Starfleet blockade force at the Klingon-Romulan border during the Klingon Civil War. It was the last ship to clear the drydock prior to the departure of the fleet from Starbase 234. During the initial deployment of the tachyon detection grid, the Endeavour was linked with the USS Ajax, USS Hood, USS Tian An Men and USS Enterprise-D. Later that year, the ship was assigned to a patrol circuit in the Cleon system.

    Captain Amasov of the Endeavour was at some point involved in a conflict with the Borg sometime prior to 2371. After the encounter, Amasov reflected, "...It is my opinion that the Borg are as close to pure Evil as any race we've ever encountered." In 2373, the Endeavour again faced the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001.


    The USS Endeavour (NCC-86105) was constructed as the latest addition to the Endeavour legacy in 2386 - the latter quarter of the 24th Century.

    In 2386 the Endeavour was assigned to the Eleventh Fleet, based out of the Cestus III colony, under the authority of Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez. Assigned Benjamin Byrne as her commander, she has embarked on numerous missions since her commissioning, including numerous diplomatic assignments.

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