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**[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Ashley Kennedy]] (2278-)
**[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Ashley Kennedy]] (2278-)
*[[Helm Officer]]
*[[Helm Officer]]
**[[Lieutenant]] [[Lieutenant Telim th'Endirhc]] (2278-)
**[[Lieutenant]] [[Telim th'Endirhc]] (2278-)
*[[Security Officer|Chief Security]]
*[[Security Officer|Chief Security]]
**[[Lieutenant]] [[Androvar Drake]] (2254-2257)
**[[Lieutenant]] [[Androvar Drake]] (2254-2257)

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USS Farragut
Technical Details
Class: Constitution Refit-class
Registry: NCC-1729
Role: Long Range Explorer
Status: Waiting for Crew
Task Force: [[Task Force Task Force 11]]
Task Force CO: {{TFTask Force 11CO}}
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Aidan Rackham
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Ashley Kennedy
Dedication Plaque
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The USS Farragut (NCC-1729) is a Constitution-class starship commissioned in 2278 under the command of Captain Aidan Rackham.


Construction and Launch

The original Farragut was authorised for construction on stardate 0965, and entered service on reference stardate 1/8806. Robert April, in his retirement address, mentioned the Farragut as one of the first five Constitution vessels under construction at that time.

In Service


The Farragut was in service at least as early as 2247, when it was under the command of Captain Nechama Rabin. That year, the Farragut visited Vulcan, where the captain and several of her crew were taken captive by a renegade named Sered.

By 2254, the Farragut was under the command of Captain Stephen Garrovick. Garrovick's crew included notable officers James T. Kirk and Androvar Drake. During Garrovick's command, the Farragut made contact with numerous races and charted hundreds of planets, including Modala and Neural.

In 2255, the Farragut was ambushed by six pirate vessels native to Epsilon Canaris III. Although outnumbered six-to-one, the Farragut escaped to Starbase 7 thanks to tactical officer Kirk.

During this time, the Farragut visited Pilkor III, between the Federation/Romulan border. The crew of the Farragut also accepted Tred Kegin for a three-month tour aboard the ship, with newly-graduated officers James Kirk and Victoria Leigh as his liaisons.

In 2257, the Farragut was surveying planet Tycho IV, when they were attacked by a dikironium cloud creature. The creature was impervious to phaser fire and overwhelmed the ship's defenses, leaving a third of the crew dead, including Captain Garrovick. Lieutenant Kirk assumed temporary command and set a course for the nearest starbase. After First Officer Arthur Chenowyth resumed command, the damaged Farragut was again attacked, this time by extra-dimensional being who invaded the ship through hull-piercing pod projectiles. Many more crew were killed, although it was later discovered that many were cocooned to join the alien creatures' life-cycle. In order to save approximately two-hundred members of the surviving crew, Lieutenant Kirk and a Vulcan scientist named T'Cel manually scuttled the secondary hull to save the uninfested primary hull saucer. Farragut was towed back to a nearby Starbase for reconstruction on stardate 2257.44.


In the 2260s, Captain Kelly Bogle, who had previously served on Garrovick's Farragut, had assumed command. In 2267, the Farragut was one of several starships ordered to the Romulan Neutral Zone by Admiral Jake Iota.

In 2268, the Farragut docked at Starbase 11 for repairs, when they were called away to the Klingon agricultural colony on Signi Beta. On arrival at the colony the Farragut joined forces with the Enterprise and the IKS Klothos, commanded by Kor, and repelled the Narr. Shortly after, the Farragut once again assisted the Enterprise in rescuing over 2,000 survivors from the Tautee system following its destruction.

By 2268, the Farragut was under the command of Captain Phillips. In this year, the Farragut participated in wargames with the USS Exeter and the Enterprise, which was testing experimental warp-powered shield technology. She was then reassigned to border patrols.


On reference stardate 2278.39, Farragut was refit to Constitution class standard and recommissioned with registry number NCC-1729 under the command of Captain Elsa Gunning.


As of 2278, Starfleet positions aboard the Farragut are significantly changed from the usual makeup of ships within the modern fleet. Every department has an officer grade department head with several different positions below them. Notable positions include ordnance officers responsible for loading and maintaining phasers and torpedo systems in addition to enlisted personnel serving in the commissary and food services area.

In keeping with Starfleet standards, the Farragut does not usually support the families of its crew members, except in individual circumstances as determined by the Captain.

Crew evaluations are conducted every six months, and are supervised by the ship's personnel officer.

Command Crew

USS Farragut Mission Log

USS Farragut Missions by Season
Season 1 – 2278 to 2279 The Night CriesThe Delta TriangleA Strange EntertainmentThe Belle of Bellatrix
Season 2 - 2279 to 2280 Coming Soon

USS Farragut Missions by Type
Main Missions None
Shoreleave Missions None
Planned Missions The Delta TriangleA Strange EntertainmentA Strange EntertainmentThe Belle of Bellatrix
Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions None
Guest Appearances None

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