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[http://icarus.butterscotchrpgs.ca/index.php/main/index USS ''Icarus'' Homepage]
[http://icarus.butterscotchrpgs.ca/index.php/main/index USS ''Icarus'' Homepage]
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[[Category:Member Starships|I]]
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USS Icarus
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Technical Details
Class: Excelsior-Refit-class
Registry: NCC-2013
Role: Diplomatic Cruiser
Status: Operational
Date of Decommission: 2374
Task Force: Task Force 56
Task Force CO: Commander Eranfel
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Alexis Applewood
Executive Officer: Commander Ileana Cortez
Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Richard Wayne
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The U.S.S. Icarus is a recently recommissioned Excelsior Refit class, which has been refit by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to more adequately meet the needs of the post-dominion war Federation, by offering diplomatic services, alleviating larger, more readily available ships to take over exploration, or defensive roles.


Construction and Launch

The U.S.S. Icarus was commissioned in 2294, under Captain Valeria McCloud. There were several rumors that implied a series of construction accidents were not, in fact, accidents, however there is no corroborating evidence of this.

In Service

  • 2294-2320: Captain Valeria McCloud
  • 2320-2344: Captain James Applewood
  • 2344-2350: Decommissioned
  • 2350-2374: Captain James Elliot
  • 2374: Commander T'qin Elliot
  • 2374-2392: Decommissioned
  • 2392: Captain Alexis Applewood
  • 2392-Present: Captain Lauren Applewood

Significant Contacts

  • Battle of Vala IV, 2320 (Death of Captain Valeria McCloud)
  • Battle of Pollux IV, 2344 (First Decommissioning, retirement of Captain James Applewood)
  • The Siege of Velur IV, 2374 (Second Decommissioning, Death of Captain James Elliot, Retirement of Commander T'qin Elliot, recapture of Velur IV by Federation forces)

First Contacts

Command Crew

USS Icarus Mission Log

USS Icarus Missions by Season
Prologue/Backstory Missions Prologue
Shoreleave / Seasonless Missions None Present / Planned
Season 1 - Diplomacy ex Machina The ValixDiplomatic Orders • (NO SPOILERS)
Season 2 - Gorn Fishing Pirates & MermaidsThe Siege of Velur IVToo close to the sun

USS Icarus Missions by Type
Main Missions The ValixDiplomatic Orders • (NO SPOILERS)
Prologue/Backstory Missions Prologue
Shoreleave Missions None Present/Planned
Planned Missions Pirates & MermaidsThe Siege of Velur IVToo close to the sun
Task Force 56 Story Arc Missions Pirates & MermaidsThe Siege of Velur IVToo close to the sun

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