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*[[Image:Y-blank.png]] '''Chief Engineering Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:Y-blank.png]] '''Chief Engineering Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:Y-blank.png]]'''Engineering Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:Y-blank.png]]'''Engineering Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:R-blank1.png]] '''Helm & Navigation:''' OPEN
*[[Image:R-blank.png]] '''Helm & Navigation:''' OPEN
*[[Image:C-o3.png|145px]] '''Chief Medical Officer:''' [[Alexanderia Cahill]]
*[[Image:C-o3.png|145px]] '''Chief Medical Officer:''' [[Alexanderia Cahill]]
*[[Image:C-blank.png]] '''Assistant Chief Medical Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:C-blank.png]] '''Assistant Chief Medical Officer:''' OPEN
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*[[Image:C-o4.png|145px]] '''Chief Science Officer:''' [[Maia Sterling]]
*[[Image:C-o4.png|145px]] '''Chief Science Officer:''' [[Maia Sterling]]
*[[Image:C-o2.png|145px]] '''Ships Counsellor:''' [[Iria Walon]]
*[[Image:C-o2.png|145px]] '''Ships Counsellor:''' [[Iria Walon]]
*[[Image:C-blank1.png|145px]] '''Assistant Chief Science Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:C-blank.png|145px]] '''Assistant Chief Science Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:C-blank1.png|145px]] '''Science Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:C-blank.png|145px]] '''Science Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank1.png]] '''Marine Commanding Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank.png]] '''Marine Commanding Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank1.png]] '''Marine Commanding Officer XO:''' OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank.png]] '''Marine Commanding Officer XO:''' OPEN
*[[Image:B-o3.png|145px]] '''Chief Intelligence Officer:''' [[Sheela]]
*[[Image:B-o3.png|145px]] '''Chief Intelligence Officer:''' [[Sheela]]
*[[Image:S-blank1.png|145px]] '''Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:S-blank.png|145px]] '''Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer:''' OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank1.png|145px]] '''Infiltration Specialist: '''OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank.png|145px]] '''Infiltration Specialist: '''OPEN
*[[Image:G-o2.png]] '''Raider One Sqn Ldr 100th:''' 1st Lt Joseph Tabor (PNPC)
*[[Image:G-o2.png]] '''Raider One Sqn Ldr 100th:''' 1st Lt Joseph Tabor (PNPC)
*[[image:G-blank1.png]] '''Commander Air Group:''' OPEN
*[[image:G-blank.png]] '''Commander Air Group:''' OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank1.png]] '''Rebel One Sqn Ldr 101st: OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank.png]] '''Rebel One Sqn Ldr 101st: OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank1.png]] '''Red One Sqn Ldr 102nd: OPEN (Klingon Char required)
*[[Image:G-blank.png]] '''Red One Sqn Ldr 102nd: OPEN (Klingon Char required)
*[[Image:G-blank1.png]] '''Raider Three Flight Ldr 100th''' OPEN
*[[Image:G-blank.png]] '''Raider Three Flight Ldr 100th''' OPEN
Other Positions can be added as and when required, but will match with the Website and Forums.
Other Positions can be added as and when required, but will match with the Website and Forums.

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USS Tomcat
Technical Details
Class: Akira - SUBTYPE
Registry: NCC 62114
Role: Fleet Support
Status: Active
Task Force: [[Task Force Task Force 11]]
Task Force CO: {{TFTask Force 11CO}}
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Jasmine Lynne Somers
Executive Officer: Maia SterlingLt. Cmdr
Second Officer: Tomoe Oda Lt. Cmdr
Dedication Plaque
Tomcat Plaque.png
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USS Tomcat Service Record

On Stardate 61428.2, Commander Sampson Foster was relieved of command on board the USS Tomcat and reassigned to Deep Space 19 as the new Strategic_Operations_Department#Chief_Strategic_Operations_Officer|Strategic Operations Officer. In his stead, Commander Sulerek, the previous Executive Officer of the USS Banshee has assumed command as previously intended by Starfleet Command.

  • On Stardate 61474.7, Commander Sulerek was promoted to the rank of Captain with all of the rights and privileges hereunto. Additionally, he was promoted to the position of Task Group Alpha's Commanding Officer in Task Force 21, S.A.B.R.E. Operations.
  • On Stardate 62270.80 Commander Sampson Foster was provided command status of the USS Tomcat, NCC-62114. This Akira-class starship was attached to Bravo Fleet's Task Force 21 (S.A.B.R.E.), operating within Task Group Tango as the Task Force's Crisis Response Vessel.
  • On Stardate 62328.2, the USS Tomcat was dispatched by Task Force Command to the Jengas System to commence a second attempt at charting this unknown region of space. The first attempt was conducted by the USS Cheetah (Nova-class), but was a failure due to the vessel and crew being destroyed by pirates of unknown origin. The officer originally assigned to oversee these efforts was a Commander Kevin Woods who has, once again, been designated as the supervisor for the mapping of this sector.
  • On Stardate 62123.6, the USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 17 in preparation for joining Starfleet's IGOR project.
  • On Stardate 63259.17, the USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 86 and command given to Commander Lucius Seyer.
  • On Stardate 63727.00, the USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 47.
  • On Stardate 63825, Captain Lucius Seyer was promoted to Commodore and assigned to the position of Task Force Executive Officer. The USS Tomcat was then assigned to Second Officer Lt. Commander Katherine Clarke
  • On Stardate 63937.00, command of the Tomcat was given to Lieutenant Commander Jack Thomas Travis
  • On Stardate 63679.45, The USS Tomcat was reassigned to Task Force 93
  • On Stardate 63773.08 The USS Tomcat began its new Mission on mapping the Hydaransz System
  • On Stardate 64012.67 Transferred over to Alpha Fleet
  • On Stardate 238906.15 Joined Pegasus Fleets Task Force 44 - New chapter began in Tomcats History
  • On Stardate 239012.12 Assigned a Mission to halt rogue Orion Slavers and the Orion Syndicate making themselves know out in the Mira Sector and the Galen System.


The USS Tomcat is a Sub-Type class Akira, while its weapons and defences have not changed, its max evacuation ability has been decreased to 1000 as all other space has been turned into Marine barracks. It is unique as the Tomcat is currently the only known Akira class with 125 Marines 2 Troop transports and 30 Valkyrie Class Fighters stationed on her. This was the modifaction done when Major Jasmine Somers first took command. Apart from these slight differences the Tomcat has the same external Specs as a standard Akira Class, but its modifications however minor class it as a Sub-type.


If a Position is not on the list here, then it means that it is open, if unsure if the Tomcat has a particular post, please contact the ships CO via the Email: pauldavies1973@hotmail.com

  • R-o5.png Commanding Officer: Jasmine Lynne Somers
  • R-o4.png First Officer: Maia Sterling
  • Y-o4.png Second Officer: Tomoe Oda
  • Y-o4.png Chief Security Officer: Tomoe Oda
  • Y-blank.pngAssistant Chief Security Officer: OPEN
  • Y-o3.pngChief Tactical Officer: Krezak
  • Y-blank.pngAssistant Chief Tactical Officer: OPEN
  • Y-blank.png Chief Engineering Officer: OPEN
  • Y-blank.pngEngineering Officer: OPEN
  • R-blank.png Helm & Navigation: OPEN
  • 145px Chief Medical Officer: Alexanderia Cahill
  • File:C-blank.png Assistant Chief Medical Officer: OPEN
  • File:C-blank.png Medical Officer: OPEN
  • 145px Chief Science Officer: Maia Sterling
  • 145px Ships Counsellor: Iria Walon
  • 145px Assistant Chief Science Officer: OPEN
  • 145px Science Officer: OPEN
  • G-blank.png Marine Commanding Officer: OPEN
  • G-blank.png Marine Commanding Officer XO: OPEN
  • 145px Chief Intelligence Officer: Sheela
  • S-blank.png Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer: OPEN
  • G-blank.png Infiltration Specialist: OPEN
  • G-o2.png Raider One Sqn Ldr 100th: 1st Lt Joseph Tabor (PNPC)
  • G-blank.png Commander Air Group: OPEN
  • G-blank.png Rebel One Sqn Ldr 101st: OPEN
  • G-blank.png Red One Sqn Ldr 102nd: OPEN (Klingon Char required)
  • G-blank.png Raider Three Flight Ldr 100th OPEN

Other Positions can be added as and when required, but will match with the Website and Forums.

Auxillary Craft Assigned to USS Tomcat

30x Valkyrie Class Fighter


Overall Length: 20.2 meters Overall Height: 5.4 meters Overall Beam: 13.7 meters


Standard Impulse Configuration: .25c


Standard - 6 Type VI Shuttle-type phasers, 2 micro-photon torpedo launchers, 4 Mark XXV Photon Torpedoes.

6x Type 18 Shuttlepods

Type-18 smallShuttlePod.png

Type: Medium short-range sublight shuttle. Accommodation: Two; pilot and system manager. Power Plant: Two 800 millicochrane impulse driver engines, four RCS thrusters, four sarium krellide storage cells. Length: 4.5 m; beam, 3.1 m; height 1.8 m. Mass: 1.12 metric tones. Performance: Maximum delta-v, 16,750 m/sec. Armament: Three Type-V phaser emitters.


Type-7 smallPersonnel.png

Type: Light short-range warp shuttle. Accommodation: Two flight crew, six passengers. Power Plant: One 50 cochrane warp engine, two 750 millicochrane impulse engines, four RCS thrusters. Length: 6.0 m; beam, 4.4 m; height 2.7 m. Mass: 3.38 metric tones. Performance: Sustained Warp 3. Armament: Two Type-IV phaser emitters.

4x Danube Class Runabouts

Danube Class Runabout.png

Officers and Crew: 12-15,Evacuation Limit: 40, Overall Length: 23.1 meters , Overall Draft: 5.4 meters, Overall Beam: 13.7. meters, Full Impulse:.25c, Cruise Speed: Warp 4, Maximum Velocity Warp 4.7 (for twelve hours), Armament: Standard 6 Type V phaser arrays + 1 torpedo launcher (optional), Transporters: One standard 2-personnel

1x Venture Class Scout

  • Black Ops Devices: Klingon BOP Grade Cloak (Used only for Intel Gathering)
  • Specs: Scout, Length in Meters: 24, Height in Meters: 5, Width in Meters: 16
  • Mass in Metric Tons: 12,500
  • Decks: 1
  • Standard Crew Compliment: 2

  • Maximum Personnel Capacity: 2
  • Phaser Type: VI
  • Torpedo Launchers (Total): 1
  • Warp Reactor: M/ARA
  • Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 5
  • Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 7
  • Maximum Speed: Warp 8.5 Time Maximum Speed Can Be Sustained: 2 Hours


Workpod smallSphinx.png

Type: Light industrial manipulator (Sphinx M1A), medium industrial manipulator (Sphinx M2A), medium tug (Sphinx MT3D). Accommodation: Pilot (M1A, M2A); pilot and cargo specialist (MT3D). Power Plant: One microfusion reactor, four alfinium krellide power storage cells, four RCS thrusters. Dimensions: Length, 6.2 m; beam, 2.6 m; height 2.5 m. Mass: 1.2 metric tones. Performance: Maximum delta-v, 2,000 m/sec. Armament: None

USS Tomcat - TF 44

USS Tomcat upon her re-assignment to Pegasus Fleet.


  • Season 1:
    • Mission# 1: Arrival
    • Mission# 2: New Duty (Lost in Fleet Transition)
    • Mission# 3: To Boldly Go (Lost in Fleet Transition)
    • Mission# 4: Forward the Brave (Partially completed - ETA Completion Unknown)
  • Season 2:
    • Episode# 1: An Old Enemy
    • Episode# 2: TBA