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|TF=[[Task Force 11]]
|CO=[[Kaetlyn Ni Donal|Commander Kaetlyn Ni Donal]]
|CO=[[Kaetlyn Ni Donal|Commander Kaetlyn Ni Donal]]
|XO=Lieutenant Tamara Lyons
|XO=Lieutenant Tamara Lyons
|2XO=Lieutenant William Edwards
|2XO=Lieutenant William Edwards

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USS Vaughan
Technical Details
Class: Akira-class
Registry: NCC-68013
Role: Cruiser
Status: Inactive
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Kaetlyn Ni Donal
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Tamara Lyons
Second Officer: Lieutenant William Edwards
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The USS Vaughan is an Akira-Class Starship, attached to the 11th 'Pegasus' Fleet. She is currently under the Command of Lt. Commander Kaetlyn Ni Donal.


The Commissioning of the USS Vaughan in 2384 didn't go as Starfleet had intended. The very first shake down cruise proved there were a number of system glitches in the ship, and the crew didn't respond to the problems as well as Starfleet would have liked. To this end, the ship was recalled to Spacedock to undergo a maintenance refit, and gain an entirely new Senior Staff that would - Starfleet hoped - allow the ship to prove her worth.

Currently, the USS Vaughan is sat in Spacedock, awaiting final system checks and crew placements before her second shakedown cruise.

Klingon Border

Senior Staff

Commanding Officer R-o5.png Commander Kaetlyn Ni Donal
Executive Officer R-o4.png Lt Commander Tamara 'Tami' Lyons
Chief Flight Control Officer R-o3.png Lieutenant William Edwards
Chief Security & Tactical Officer Y-o3.png Lieutenant Joshua Michaels
Chief Operations Officer File:B-blank.png Position Open - Apply Now!
Chief Engineering Officer File:B-blank.png Position Open - Apply Now!
Chief Medical Officer T-o2.png Lieutenant JG Dera Quie
Chief Counselor File:B-blank.png Position Open - Apply Now!
Chief Intelligence Officer G-o3.png Captain Nolan Janikowski
Marine Commander G-o2.png First Lieutenant Cyrus
Fighter Squadron Commander G-o4.png Major Isaac Haines [P-NPC]


Mission 0: Spacedock
The USS Vaughan sits in dock, awaiting her crew before she can sail among the stars. Who will be the intrepid souls who step aboard and make her their home?

Upcoming Mission(s)

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