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Status: Active
Date of Joining: Nov. 2009
Discord User: @TerBear
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My name is Terris to differentiate my real name from our Previous PFCO.

I have been simming for the past 8+ years. I have been in Fleet Politics here in Pegasus Fleet since basically the very beginning and I'm still going strong.

I started back in this fleet as the Personnel Director, then I moved from Personnel to TFCO and then after that I moved to PFXO and later on the PFCO position.

I am always available to talk or listen.

Contact Information:

  • Discord Nick: @TerBear
  • Forums: Terris


Main Characters

Rank Name Assignment Active/Inactive
Evelynn Haught Task Force 37 Commanding Officer
USS Lantau CO
Tracy Henderson Executive Officer ACTIVE

Inactive Characters

Rank Name Assignment Active/Inactive
Andon ch'Rosia Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer INACTIVE
Kaitlen Walford Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer

Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer
Director of Personnel Management

Cammila Jala Academy Commandant INACTIVE
Allycia Baldwin Commanding Officer INACTIVE
Kellin Reynolds Commanding Officer INACTIVE
Shresoan zh'Rithsa Deputy Director for Awards & Recognition INACTIVE
Dani Terris Commanding Officer; Executive Officer; CMO INACTIVE
Jessica Bancroft Chief Counselor INACTIVE
Carol Kingsley-Reeves Chief Medical Officer INACTIVE
Mya Warren Chief Medical Officer INACTIVE
Omar Anoke Chief Counselor; Chief Medical Officer INACTIVE
Emmerson "Steve" Monday Chief Counselor INACTIVE
Merissa Zemke Assistant CMO INACTIVE
Devoni Jala Chief Medical Officer INACTIVE

Pending Characters

Rank Name Assignment Active/Inactive
Alenis Celes Chief Medical Officer Pending


Rank Name Assignment
Shi Man Assistant Chief Engineer
Jordan Reynolds Capt. Reynolds Son
Lauren Gaveston Medical Officer
Setel Astrometrics Officer