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Emily Quinn, whose Real-Life name is Alex, is a member of Pegasus Fleet. Alex is currently the Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer, commands Starbase 332, and has one other character within the fleet. He also has several PNPCs that are used often on Starbase 332.


Staff Characters
Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer R-a4.png Admiral Emily Quinn
Playing Characters
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Liarra Von Starbase 332
Executive Officer R-o4.png TBD USS Manoora
Chief Surgeon MOVM-blank.png Commander William Carver USS Farragut
Chief Communications Officer File:Nxy-o1.png Ensign Chloe Bishop Discovery NX-04
Protected Non-Player Characters
Chief Engineer, USS Jackal Y-o3.png Lieutenant Allison Price Starbase 332
Chief Engineer, USS Carthage Y-o3.png Lieutenant Alana Tovan Starbase 332
Flight Instructor - Fighters R-o3.png Lieutenant Lynsi Mason Starbase 332
Chief Flight Operations Officer, USS Montreal R-o3.png Lieutenant Yzhara Starbase 332
Bounty Hunter File:B-blank.png Dahleya Starbase 332
Inactive Characters
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Valerie Palmer
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Kendra Varas
Marine Commanding Officer G-o4.png Major Zhy'len Tarias
Chief Intelligence Officer R-o4.png Lt. Commander Sara Archer
Chief Engineer Y-o4.png Lt. Commander Elliot Reese
Chief Medical Officer T-o4.png Lt. Commander Tallis Kiedra
Opearations Specialist File:Y-e7.png Chief Petty Officer Alyssa Evans
Galactic Anthropology Committee Historian W-blank.png Dr. T'Lexa

Ship Links

Official Active Pegasus Fleet Ship Specifications
Carriers Lexington-class  
Corvettes Defiant-classDiligent-classSabre-classSentinel-classSteamrunner-class
Cruisers Akira-classAscension-classCheyenne-classExcalibur-classInsignia-classNebula-classNew Orleans-classPrometheus-classRonin-class
Destroyers Centaur-classMiranda-classWildcat-class
Explorers Century-classIntrepid-classLuna-classNorway-classNova-classNX-class
Ships-of-the-Line Ambassador-classExcelsior-Refit-classGalaxy-classSovereign-classVesta-class
Support Olympic-classGrommet-classRichardson-classWallace-classRaven-class
Starbases Ethereal-classNor-classRegula-classStardock-class
Shuttlecraft Hunley-class ShuttleType 5-class ShuttleType 6-class ShuttleType 7-class ShuttleType 8-class ShuttleType 9-class ShuttleType 10-class ShuttleType 11-class ShuttleType 15-class ShuttleType 17-class ShuttleWaverider-class Shuttle
Fightercraft KD-56 Gryphon-classPeregrine-classRazor-classScorpion MkII-classViper-class
Runabouts and Transports Argo-classArrowhead-classDanube-classDelta Flyer-classDragoon-classSentry-classSerenity-classTalon-class
Captain's Yachts AeroShuttle-classMark I-classMark II-class

Works in Progress